Wednesday, June 26, 2013

If you're a Bird.....

Flamingo Chic!

 If Allie and Noah from the The Note Book were specific in stating what "bird" they would be, i'm pretty sure it would be a flamingo. Ok maybe not, but what other bird would they want to be? A seagull? Flamingos are elegant, interesting to look at and lets not forget very PINK. It's no wonder the fashion world has taken inspiration from these long legged beauties. I've been searching far and wide for anything flamingo, but I have had no luck. I will continue my search because I know one will fly my way either in the shape of a handbag, ring or lovely summer printed dress.  Below are some awesome rockable flamingo rags.


Kate Spade( I want)

 Betsey Johnson (I also want)

Flamingo skater dress: oasis


Betsey Johnson

If your not up to being "pink" like a flamingo, then you can sport some crustacean, which has also inspired the fashion world. This would be more on the nautical side, but it still screams summer and fun.

 Oh! and Mr. Crab too
Betsey Johnson

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Colors of Philly

Saturday was spent exploring my city. A city filled with so much history and the "first" of many things. Philly had the nation's first zoo, built by Ben Franklin. The nation's first "Daily" newspaper, the nation's first university (Pennsylvania), the nation's first paino by Johann Behrent in 1775 and of course the nation's first American Flag, sewn together by Besty Ross in her tiny shop. 
At times I do feel like we are under rated, but we are still a unique city with crazy Eagles and Flyer's fans who will defend them to the death. Also, we are known to be loyal and proud of anyone who may leave Philly, but still shows love for us, such as Will Smith, Kevin Bacon(gotta love his foot loose) and P!NK.

Anyhow, we walked, walked and did some more walking. We visited Elfreth's Alley, Queens Village, South Street of course and other places. Upon exploring, I could not help but notice all the lovely colors my city displayed in flowers, houses, murals and trash trucks. Below are some photos of the colors I saw and my outfit fit perfectly with my surroundings. What would I do without color in my life?
StarBucks at hand, Ready to go!

Skirt: Joyce Lesile / Leggings: Joyce Lesile / Shoes: Lady Godiva / Bag: Gift from my sister

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Brotherly Love

Finally this weekend came, but sadly it went. I celebrated my 10 year wedding anniversary.
YES 10 years. We could of gone away, but we decided to stay in Philly at the Penn's View and enjoy
everything we love about our city.  Penn's View is the best hotel to stay at because everything is near by or walking distance. Well, it also depends on what you call "walking distance". Walking from Penn's view to south street was a bit of a hike, but when your in center city Philadelphia that is what you do...walk. *wink* The best part was being off from work, so we got to enjoy a three day weekend...awwww Stay tune for more photos.

Friday's outfit:
Wearing my TOMS sunnies and Black strap bracelet from REISS
that were gifted to me at FNO w/ Polyvore back in Sept'12

Sunnies: TOMS / Top: Black &White, gift from Polyvore / Skirt: Jones NYC / Bracelet: REISS
Shoes: Just Fabulous / Handbag: Charming Charle / Ring: H&M

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Breton Stripes!

Voile Loin!

Seems like summer is not really summer without paying homage to the Breton Stripe. Wearing stripes takes us to a place where sailors once occupied the shores/seas as the aroma of sea salt filled the air. History states that the "Breton Shirt" was the uniform of sailors only. Sailor wore these striped shirts to be spotted if they fell over broad. Also, the 21 stripes represented all of Napoleon's victories.

Leave it to Coco Chanel to find inspiration at the French Riviera for her 1917 Nautical line. She was a designer with vision; one who found beauty and inspiration in the least likey of places. Coco paired a brenton striped shirt with flared trousers, giving us the women who can wear both the pants and the skirt. From this moment on, Breton Stripes have set sail from the shores of the French Riviera into mainstream America allowing us all to feel "Oh So French".

Not up to a Breton shirt? You can still rock the "striped" look with shoes or a handbag.

Book MARC'ed

Book MARC'ed by painthead featuring marc jacobs

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer's Fabric

Cool Breeze

Summer fun and memories also comes with intense weather. It almost seems as though whatever you wear brings no relief. During really hot days I find that wearing chiffon is cooling and allows air to flow through out my body. You can find chiffon in any color ;with many patterns these days and one site where you can find many blouses and dresses in chiffon is Persunmall. I love their blouses, so perfect for hot summer days and chilly summer nights. You could never go wrong.

My Summer Wish List
I know it looks more like a "Fall" wish list
but summer has been unpredictable w/ it's bi-polar days.

Summer Breeze

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