Saturday, April 26, 2014

Me want color

This is how my brain works: I see, I like, I purchase and then I test. Pretty Zombie Cosmetics did just that to me. I wanted a few days with these lovely's before posting because I wanted to see how well they last. So what better place to try it then at work. I mean i'm there for 8 hours and by 3pm we all turn into zombies searching for chocolate. Anyhow, I went to work wearing "3 Witches", it's a beautiful deep yet bright purple. 3 Witches lasted all day, I even had some greasy pizza with a nice cold coke for lunch and the liquid lipstick lasted. I had to do a minor touch up after, but not much. By the time I went home , the lipstick was in the same condition as when I first applied it on.

Today I had on "Blue Moon", I was pretty much out all day and I got the same results. Long lasting.
The liquid lipsticks gives full coverage, at first they are liquid then after a few seconds it goes matte. The application does not go one cheap, meaning you don't have to slop it on. With one swipe you get exactly what you paid for. I also loved how easy this lipstick is to remove. I just used warm water and my aveeno face wash on some paper towels…Viola! Off it went. No need to scrub your lips off your face or rip some skin, ouch. 
Another good thing about these lipsticks is, that after removing the color my lips are not dry or chapped. My lips actually feel moisturized and smooth. I don't know about you, but i am kind of tired buying "colorful" lipsticks and when you apply them on it's like wearing a barbie doll make-up kit. 
So i am very happy to finally find some lip color that does what it should ;) So happy in fact, that I went ahead and purchased two more colors. When those two pretty zombies arrive I will sure do another review. oxoxo

 "3 Witches"

 "Blue Moon"

Signing off..Coke Stains and Cupcakes..oxox Painthead™