Thursday, January 28, 2010

Excuse the mess, that is what happens when you get shoes in the mail, LOL and that is my art table.

I got these lovely metallic pink "senorita" shoes
and the same in black, expect the black pair is not metallic.

Lovely, they look like bunny ears.
Signing off..Coke Stains and Cupcakes..oxox Painthead™

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back in october i won "Walk in Paris Hilton Shoes" I will be getting a pair every month for a year. Many have been asking me about the shoes, and i can now finally show you what i got yesterday. Awesome..oxoxo. I also love the package, it's simple, but very strong. I love how the pink pops against the white and black. The box itself is gor'juss. I appreciate designers/companies who take time to think about the packing. Believe it or not people buy items based on color and a great marketing package. So if you ever want to be in business, packaging is a VERY important part of your product. Stay tune for the next shipment and how i will style outfits featuring the lovely Paris shoes. oxoxox

Signing off..oxox Coke stains and Cupcakes..oxox Painthead
Every month i will be featuring the hottest covers i see around in New Stands. I am so happy that February 2010 covers for this year are not Valentine-ish...Maybe people are just not in the mood for red hearts and pink fuzzy dresses. I sure ain't..LOL. I think Glamour Magazine with Katy Perry is the most colorful one this month. It is my favorite, love the colors, and how the pink pops out. Also she is rocking a Tarantino ring...Holla!
Elle February 2010
Elle Uk February 2010
W february 2010
GQ UK February 2010
Vogue Australia February 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Last time anyone saw this much eyeliner on guys was probably in the 80's. Where looking hotter and wearing more make-up then your girlfriend was the "it" thing to do. Fast forward to 2010 and i LOVE it. It depends on the guy of course, because i highly doubt you will come to the inner city of philadelphia and see guys rocking "guy liner" as i call it. I love it when the rockers/emo/goth/juku guys wear it. It's pretty cool and with this underground trend making it main stream, i think more and more guys will try it out. What do you think? Do you think guy liner is cool or should it stay a girly thing?

Johnny Depp
Adam Lamdert
Billie Joe
Bill Kaulitz
Billy Corgan
Dave Navarro

Coke stains and Cupcakes! oxox Paint

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rocking BedRock

Check out the awesome Jeremy Scott Spring 2010 collection. It's all about BAM BAM and Pebbles from The Flintstones. Would you rock the bedrock? Or should it stay in the stone age?
I love it, i would rock it. Bed-Rock Chic!



Golden Globe Awards

Not even the rain kept the stars from shinning into the night.
I think most people watch these award shows more for the fashion, then for who will win "Best Actress", but can you blame them? Some starlets look fabulous and so gor'juss. Purple seem to be the "it" color, while black still held it's title. For example, Penelope Cruz looked adorable rocking the umbrella and still looking glamourous.

Drew Barrymore had a lovely fresh look, ready for spring and she glowed. She kept it simple, with her hair pulled back and wearing stud diamonds. The dress alone was heavnely, so much details you really did not need a necklace.
Halle Berry looked fresh as well. Hot dress to show off her Hot figure. Loving the criss cross pattern and the accessories.
Jennifer Aniston Looked fabulous in this black peek a boo leg gown..HAWTTNESS, but she kinda looked a little plain, and her hair is always down for every event, gurl pick it up, throw it back, pull it tight, something.
Sandra Bullock wearing an awesome Violet Bottega Venette Gown seem to be everyone's favorite look of the evening. She looked so beautiful. Loved that her make-up was kept simple as well.
Jennifer Garner rocking a fabulous silver beaded Versace gown. She looked lovely, but sometimes people who are too pale should wear more brighter colors, but that's just!
Olivia Wilde Of all the looks, to me this one was more a "night" look. She is wearing an awesome glittery draped gucci gown with a plunging neck line. Can you say "Holla". I also love her sexy smoky eyes. Gor'juss
Kate Hudson Loving the white dress by Marchesa. So full of structural elements makes it funky, but elegant at the same time, but those!
Tina Fey Genius in writing and being funny in SLN, but in nope. The dress is lovely, but not for her. Wearing a very low hem can make you look shorter.
Would i wear that dress? Yes i would, but she should of have her hair out, with a layered necklace and bright red lipstick/nails. That dress is to awesome to make yourself look plain in it.
Mariah Carey We all know to rock a Herve Leger dress you have to do it right. His designs are know to be fabulous and dear Mariah as much as i love your songs this one is not bringing a lovely tune to my EYES. *Screams*
So that is my report on the Golden, man i wanna be a stylist to the stars..
This is Painthead singing off
with lot of coke stains and cupcakes oxoxo