Monday, September 28, 2009

John Singer Sargent
(January 12,1856-April 14, 1925)

"In a time when the art world focused, in turn, on Impressionism, Fauvism, and Cubism, Sargent practiced his own form of Realism, which made brilliant references to Velázquez, Van Dyck, and Gainsborough. His seemingly effortless facility for paraphrasing the masters in a contemporary fashion led to a stream of commissioned portraits of remarkable virtuosity" (Wikipedia)

Love his paintings. I love his attention to details on the dresses. Paintings are a good way to have a glimpse on what was glamourous in those times.

Sargent John Singer Pictures, Images and PhotosPortrait: John Singer Sargent Pictures, Images and PhotosjohnSingerSargent Pictures, Images and Photos

John Singer Sargent Pictures, Images and Photos

Sunday, September 27, 2009

September is National Hispanic Month. We latino's celebrate all Spanish speaking countries.
Mainly South/Centeral America, North America and Spain. I love this time of the year. Every one brings out their flags and it's a big party. In Philly the majority of Latino's are Puerto Rican, every year we have our Annual Puerto Rican Day parade. It always seems to You can go down to the parade or watch it on TV, but this city goes bananas. Every car has the PR flag on it, when cars go by they beep their horns and yell, everyone is wearing Red or a tee with the flag on it. It is such a prideful day. I also love that on every corner there is a stand that sells flags, tee and little
PR trinkets. It's so beautiful seeing the flag flowing with the yeah i am a cheese ball. Below are some photos i took of the stands and cars with the flags.

A display of South/Central American Flags

Thursday, September 24, 2009

COCA COLA Pictures, Images and Photos

If you know me then you know i am the biggest Coke head there is! In honor of finding ALL five summer09 coke cans..YAY i will show you who else thinks Coke rocks. I think Coke is the new starbucks, oh waits it's way better. Coke is the new Chanel bag, the new gucci shoes and the MUST HAVE item that never goes out of style.

Kate Moss
Looking chic and Rocking the coke can.
Shia Lebeouf
A man after my own taste buds
Drinking diet, but it's still coke.
He's looking hot and comfy.
Robert Pattinson
You can't be a real vampire unless you drink COKE.
He's looking spunky and in the coke zone.
Keanu Reeves
Oh neo, always go for the RED pill.
Love his hold on the can, means he loves it.
Linsay Lohan
Such a cranky person, but Coke always makes people smile.
I think she was hoping for Coke to call her, to make her the Coke girl in
Ads, but to late Taylor Swift is oxox
Britney Spears
Finally realized COKE is it!
Love how the can pops against her jacket, awww
he looks so cute there.

Here are some set featuring Coke and it's chicness

lohan by Kate!Kate! featuring Prada

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Two weeks ago i held a lovely, fun contest about Lisa Franks. The winner would win a One of a kind yummy painting from me! So here is it, incase you are curious to see it. All filled with color, cupcakes, candy and an awesome unicorn showered with glitter. Congrats again to the winner Ally-wA

This is her winning set.

There's nothing like the smell of a pair of shoes. It's like opening a halloween costume or a shower curtain...OH the smell of NEW..oxoxo This weekend i went to Bare Feet Shoes, and oh my, i felt like i was stepping into some Polyvore sets. Awesome shoes there. I love the brand
"Pink Duchess" . Below are the shoes i got. First these hot yummy studdailious boots, with open toe. This will make any outfit look chic and FABULOUS! Can't wait to rock them. The best thing they where only 24.99
Second, i saw these and fell in love. This beauty reminded me of Alice in Wonderland for some reason. I saw them and i knew i had to get them. It was like a moment where nothing else matters, everyone fades in the store. No sound, Just you and the shoe...*heaven opens and glitter falls upon you* that's when you know a shoe is right...awwww can you tell i am in need of some serious shopping. LOL. These multi colored unicorn were only 9.99 oxoxo part of the HUGE clearance they are having.

Another thing, i was recently interviewed by another polyvorian check out the interview here
at "

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Marc Jacobs and Chairlift

Everyone is going bananas for this MJ contest Poly is having. The contest was suppose to end a few days ago, but the team at MJ's headquarters decided to extended it for NINE more days, and the winners went from 3 placements to 6. With two more days left everyone is still going Crazy and kinda anxious to see how this HUGE contest will end. Me too, but i am going apes.
Love Marc Jacobs. I love that he is not afraid of color, he uses it so well.
You may see everything grey and black, but he always adds the WOW factor with pops of Pinks, Reds, Greens and 80's flavor. His current Fall 2009 collection is like an after party with a huge acid trip. Party girls, who party the night away while staying in style and never forget how fun clubbing was in the 80's. While making my entries i serioulsy had on some LOUD 80's music to get in zone.

Below are my entries for the contest and the awesome prizes, can you say OMG!!

6 winning sets will be chosen by style experts at Marc By Marc Jacobs.
- The 1st place winner will get a $1000 shopping spree from the fall collection.
- The 2nd place winner will receive a Marc By Marc Jacobs handbag.
- 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th place winners will receive a grab bag full of Marc goodies.
All 6 winners will also receive a copy of Charlift's latest album "Does You Inspire You".

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Summer is over and here comes the fall. Time for colorful trees and falling rainbow leafs. Time for chill crisp air and layered clothing. Time for warm cuddles under the blanket and to wear those fabulous boots you had in the closet all summer long. I got me some awesome eskimo-ish boots with cute pom pom's on the lace, and can't wait to wear them. Fall is so exciting. Here are some setties that show off how awesome fall is and what styles you can rock!