Friday, May 29, 2009

Balloon Love

I just love balloons and i disagree when someone says "Balloons are only for kids". Those who say that probably have no imagination. I have always wanted a room full of balloons for my birthday, i have yet to get that, but i know i will..LOL! I would have balloons up in my house just because. They are cheerful, colorful and fun. Take balloons to someone out of the blue, and watch them SMILE one can resist these awesome latex magical globes.

On another subject, check out my interview done by Gypsy Fox, in her blog. She is a cool poly pal, oxox You rock Gypsy.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Coca Cola Summer 09 Cans

coca cola Pictures, Images and Photos
My love for Coca Cola started when i was a freshmen in High School. Growing up we always had pepsi,YUCK, so my family thinks i am a trader , LOL. When we gather there is a constant debate of which Soda dominates the taste buds and the WORLD, but of course COKE RULES and the WORLD knows it. I am so excited for this summer, as a collector myself, Coke will release 5 special "Limited Editions" of Summer Cans...woot woot. Here is a peek of the designs that will hit the ice cold freezers in stores and Super markets. *HEAVEN* Can't wait to add these to my collection, which includes all five Beijing Summer 08 Olympic Game cans, and many other things from the travels to different countries, cities and states here in the USA. I will proudly say, that i am a true die hard Coke fan, I know the taste, so u cannot fool me, i know the history. I am also a loyal coke reward point submitter, LMAO!!!! oxoxoxoxo

Also, i am currently holding a Coke contest in my group in Polyvore. Picking the winners will be hard, but all the winners will be featured in this blog. Here are a few of my Coke sets i made.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Notte By Marchesa

Notte by Marchesa
It's a hot Fuchsia Strapless organza silk ruffle dress, which i love and it's one of the top items in Polyvore.
What's not to love? This dress looks like a cupcake dressed in frosting.I wanted to feature some poly sets using this awesome dress in different ways...ENJOY..FYI "Notte" means "Night" in italian..winkwink

Monday, May 18, 2009

Nautical Chic inspired

Sailor Girl
With summer approaching FAST I know many people are dying to go to the beach , have picnics, BBQ's,Parties or just have some lazy summer days laying out getting some sun. I have been seeing some awesome Nautical inspired sets popping up in poly lately, so i thought i'd feature the ones i love.