Saturday, July 21, 2012

There are really no words to describe how much i Love POLYVORE. I've been a member for 4 years now and i have no plans of ever leaving. To me, there is no other site that cares so much for it's community and no other site that will take the time to hear/response to it's members.  Let's not forget the awesome job they do in planning memeber "meet ups" like in NYC: POLYVORE LIVE, During Fashion Week.  Below is an awesome ring from POLYVORE...oxoxo..I just love it, what a great way to have people ask me "What is Polyvore?" Not only will i have the chance to tell them, but also "show" them. Rocking Ring!! How would you wear your Poly ring?

Check out more about polyvore and the lovely, awesome people that work there, who are poly pals too and very stylish ;) Nadia, Jess,Chrystal and Nicole.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Via Mexico!

I am not mexican, but i do love my Latin culture. I am Puerto Rican and if you ever travel to Mexico or South America you will be amazed at all it's beauty and colors. Below are my favorite Fashion Editorial inspired by Frida Kahlo

"Frida come back to me" Dujour Magazine, March 2009

Vogue Mexcio's Frida Kahlo inspired editorial

Signing off..oxox Coke stains and Cupcakes..oxox Painthead. Posted by ❤✿ PaintHead™
Summer Haze

Tempatures here in Philly have been record high (101 degress or higher)
But it is summer, so what else is there to expect? Pretty soon summer will wave it's last heat and say Goodbye; to make room for Fall. So enjoy the last days/months of summer. I have been doing some gardening. I have some tomatos, green peppers, basil and cucumbers growing. Sadly they have no idea of what is to come in a few weeks, they will end up in my tummy; but at least they would have served their purpose..xoox
My Basil Yummy!

Lancaster County, Lancaster PA.

My Tomato Plant holding onto "tommy" the tomato

Thursday, July 5, 2012

How Do i Love junk, Let me Count the Ways!

Awwwwe the ever awesome, inspiring Junk Gypsy. This site as i stated before is my junk eye candy visual get away, Oh i'm still planning that road trip ..xoxo Just need a petticoat and Cow Girl Booties. They now have a show on HGTV...woohoo! They need to kidnap me, i'm still waiting..xoxo Caravan with magical fireflies where are you?

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From Sea To Shining Sea!

Hope everyone had a lovely Fourth of July.

Photos by me Paint:2012
Sail Away!

The Nautical theme seems to never get old. What is summer without the Red, White and Blue stripes with anchors and gold details? Poly is currently holding a contest "What would you wear to a Boat Party?"
This is the Air i Breathe!