Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Breton Stripes!

Voile Loin!

Seems like summer is not really summer without paying homage to the Breton Stripe. Wearing stripes takes us to a place where sailors once occupied the shores/seas as the aroma of sea salt filled the air. History states that the "Breton Shirt" was the uniform of sailors only. Sailor wore these striped shirts to be spotted if they fell over broad. Also, the 21 stripes represented all of Napoleon's victories.

Leave it to Coco Chanel to find inspiration at the French Riviera for her 1917 Nautical line. She was a designer with vision; one who found beauty and inspiration in the least likey of places. Coco paired a brenton striped shirt with flared trousers, giving us the women who can wear both the pants and the skirt. From this moment on, Breton Stripes have set sail from the shores of the French Riviera into mainstream America allowing us all to feel "Oh So French".

Not up to a Breton shirt? You can still rock the "striped" look with shoes or a handbag.

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