Wednesday, May 12, 2010


My art show was this past friday. It was fun and nice to see family and friends come around. It was also nice to see and meet new people. The art show was held at a home and investment company, which is why you see the desk and computers.Every First Friday's in Philly companies open up their doors for us to see what they do, network etc. Some have art shows, some have play's and there was a dance studio that gave free tango lessons. The crowd is young, hip and funky.

My new paintings were inspired by candy , cupcakes and color. It was also inspired by polyvore and how i make my sets there. As i was painting, i was thinking about how i layer and move items around while making a set. I wanted the painting to have the same effect as a set. Norman Rockwell also inspired my paintings. I love how the main subjects pop out against the white. Leaving the background white made the girls stand out more, and make the paintings more brighter. Below is a set i made in polyvore, to give an example of how the site inspired my paintings.

*The real paintings do NOT have "PaintHead" . I added that there just for this post only.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your new painting's they really do pop with a white background. I see you wore the bow tee it looks cute with the tutu!:)

Jess Lee said...

Congrats on the exhibit, Painthead! Your paintings are beautiful.

We proudly display the ones you sent us in the front of the Polyvore office :-)

Susan said...

Wow, your paintings are so quirky and colourful - how lovely!

TheStrawberryFields said...

Congrats on the art show how did it all go?
Did anyone buy your pictures?
Great work darling you really have a signature look to your work.
I love it xxxxx