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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Philadelphia Fashion show from Italy


 The Philadelphia Fashion Show from Italy
 A Signature Event of the Philadelphia Collection 

 Last year, Francesco Di Maio launched Uomo Moderno magazine in the City of Brotherly Love to showcase the best of Italy’s fashion, décor, music, and contemporary lifestyle. To mark its one year anniversary, Uomo Moderno is inaugurating the New Generation Fashion Tour from Italy, which will kick off in the Big Apple on September 12 with New York Fashion Week Italian Collections. 

 The fashion tour will continue to Philadelphia on September 19 with the Philadelphia Fashion Show from Italy, which will take place in the enclosed courtyard of the Morris House, a national historical monument that was constructed in 1787. The show has been chosen as a signature event by the city’s fashion week, the Philadelphia Collection. 

 At the event, the men’s and women’s collections of young emerging designers from Italy—such as Nico Didonna (haute couture), Rumjungle (casual street), Malph (avant-garde), Lvchino (classic contemporary), Francesca Marotta (bespoke, Sicily Inspired)—will be presented to the live musical accompaniment of Valentina Raffaelli from Tuscany & her band Sunshine Superman. 

 Brandon Boykin and Mychal Kendricks of the Philadelphia Eagles have signed on as star guest models, while Chef Luke Palladino will provide signature antipasti, as well as culinary tips that he has gleaned during his extensive stays in Italy. 

 Guests may choose from two types of tickets. First, the VIP Package starting at 6pm includes the signature antipasti of Chef Luke Palladino, complimentary Prosecco by Altaneve, vodka drinks by Punzoné, Ocóo the beauty drink, backstage shots, press hour, door prize, and an intimate “meet & greet” with the musicians, organizers, star models, and special guests. 

 The second option, General Admission, begins at 7pm and includes signature tastings by Chef Palladino, vodka drinks by Punzoné, door prize, and a complimentary copy of the Uomo Moderno Anniversary Edition. 

 Models provided by @HouseofTalentPA, which is filming the New Generation Fashion Tour from Italy for the second season and airing on WACP and WTVE networks to 5 million homes in October, with TV personality Antoine Johnson. 

 The public can purchase tickets at 

 Journalists and buyers should contact Francesco at 

 Uomo Moderno Magazine by Francesco Di Maio 
1023-25 Clinton Street, Philadelphia Pa 19107 Tel 302 354 0705

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Polyvore Style Lounge

PLUG-IN & primp

at the


I was invited to "plug in and primp" with Polyvore yesterday in New York's Soho House. My guest was my lovely sister, Elizabeth, who was in a New york state of mind as her instagram post stated. I Love her!  The style lounge was created for those fashionable ladies who run from show to show and might be in  need of a "full  recharge". The set up in the room was magical with three Sephora make-up stations. I felt like a moth going straight towards the pretty little lights on the mirrors. Gosh, anything shinny and glittery is so distracting to me. I go from my moth stage to a gold fish with a one mintue attention span. I am admitting to a problem, but not ready for an intervention just yet. 

The style lounge also had light bites, drinks, music, charging station, Sephora goodies around the room and poly's love gifts as I like to call them (pins, phone charger, and double compact mirror). I will say this now, the two items that will never leave my bag will be the poly charger and mirror. Now about that polyvore phone case? *hint hint*

Poly's Love gifts

The best part was seeing Nadia and Jess again (my lovely's). They always look very stylish with an edge, yet elegant and beautiful like a rose. They are both sweet, friendly and really do care about the polyvore community. I love them! 

Nadia, Me and Jess Lee

I was also able to meet Marisa( she was there attending fashion shows as one of the three polyvore community correspondent. She is a cutie who works at Kate Spade and gets to be around color and polka dots all day long oxox

Then it was my turn to get my make-up done by Shawn Lumaban, a senior make-up artist at Sephora ( He was awesome and so nice.

Final look 
Even the bathroom mirror had me at lipstick.
Me and my sister Elizabeth

It was indeed a great day to be in NewYork again with Polyvore oxoxox


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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Venexiana Spring/Summer 2015: New York Fashion Week

It's bittersweet sorrow thinking summer has come to an end, but it is also exciting because that means New York fashion week begins. This season started on Sept 4th and will run until Sept 11th. On Saturday Sept 6th 2014, I had the privilege of attending Venexiana Spring/Summer 2015 fashion show during Mercedes Fashion week in NY. I was invited and accepted without a second thought.
This collection was filled with future red carpet looks for the Emmy's and Oscars. One can only hope more stylist would dress the stars in these beautiful Venexiana gowns.

 Although I did not have an assigned seat, I was very happy where I ended up.
I ended up sitting on the floor next to the media photographers. These guys/gals are cool. They eat chocolate and red bull for lunch and kind of dress the same. They have a world within the fashion world. Mingling outside the seats becomes the best part of it all. You leave making "friends" who were on the same mission as you; that is to take photos and enjoy the show, even if it means you have to sit on the floor. I was truly happy to attend this show and to be up close to the models. I was able to see all the details on each gown.

In this collection you will see the mermaid silhouette, plunging necklines, open backs, one shoulder, beaded gowns with sequins and preciosa crystals. There was no holding back on the shimmer. Colors: Dusty rose, soft yellow, aqua, aquamarine, lilac, periwinkle, gold and black. Enjoy!

All Photos by me
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