Friday, April 23, 2010

Lynn Visible

Last year Polyvore held a contest based on the soon to be published novel by Julia Devillers, "Lynn Visible" The contest was to style an outfit that Lynn would wear in the story. I came in 4th place, and got my copy this past monday in the mail. Julia wrote me a little note in there and my name is also in the "Thank You" section. I'm there as "PaintHead". It was so cool to be part of this book. If this book ever become s a movie, i wish to be a part of it behind the scene, to style a girl can dream, why not? Julia has had a book made into a Disney movie before "How my private journal became a bestseller" and is author to another tween, teen books.

This contest was special to me, it reminded me of when i was in High School, and the kids would pick on me because of how i dressed. I did not dress "normal" , i dressed in color, patterns and whatever i loved and found inspiring from the thrift shop. I never let that get to me, i continued to dress how i wanted and did not listen to the remarks. If anything , it kinda made me feel sorry for people who were afraid to be themselves and stand out. The cool thing to LYNN is my middle name.

Note from Julia Devillers
My name in the book "PaintHead" along with the other winners


Lynn Vincent knows all the latest trends and isn't afraid to flaunt her funky style. The problem is, in small-town Pennsylvania, being fashion forward makes Lynn socially backward. And the queen bees at her high school won't let her forget it, especially when her dream of making the IT panel for GlITter Girl—the coolest fashion magazine in teendom—is crushed. But when one of Lynn's unique creations makes it into the hands of a famous designer and onto the runway, it seems that Lynn might finally get her moment in the spotlight.

My winning Set

This set i made when i saw the cover for the first time.

Signing off...oxox Coke Stains and Cupcakesoxox..PaintHead

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