Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Glow!

For xmas i got me a lovely gold coat, woah! My hair done, double woah! and a gift card to get me some limecrime make-up...bigger WOAH!!!!!! So here is xmas through my eyes, lolol jking..So i am glowing for my hair being red, how i always wanted and getting some limecrime oxoxo awwww and yes i had two trees.oxox


Christmas Eve
I had so much fun on xmas eve, family , love, laughter, aww nothing better then that
My sister said i looked like a fairy, funny thing is i found a barbie doll with the same hair color,so i said she was my "Barbie Fairy Twin" LOL! My xmas colors were gold and red, so pretty those two colors together, makes everything look elegant and pretty. Next year maybe i'll do purple, yes i plan ahead, lol!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dress My C@ke!!

Dress My C@ke!!

I love cakes. How they are decorated and designed. Cakes are inspiring to me. They are colorful, pretty and yummy too,
but i am not to big on eating CAKE , unless it is I find cakes to be a work of art. Think of all the delicate sugar flowers that are made, countless hours, mixing and decorating a single cake. Pretty. So i made a few sets, with cakes that match some dresses and wacky fun things all enjoy!! oxox

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Featured Artist

Featured Artist: MusicFanatic

This weeks featured artist is the cutest and most creative.
she makes sets and little animals out of items. She made me this cute pink bunny who i later named twinkles...awwww cutest thing and so creative to actually make a monkey out of flowers or a flamingo out of dresses and shoes. Who does that WEll she does and she does it great,I enjoy looking at her sets a lot, enough to feature her here, awww. I also got  a chance to ask her a few questions about her artwork:

What inspires you, when making a set?
Everything and anything, stuff is constantly popping in my head, a chewed piece of gum would probably inspire me when making a set, lol. Feelings also help how i am on a day to day basis, is what might be in one of my sets.

How do you come up with these designs?
Ummm, like i said just pops into my head,don't know, Music,T.V, vacations
etc, about just about anything could effect me making a certain set.

What are three things you love about POLY?
The people! I haven't ran into anyone yet that is mean,copycat or hater. It's Somthing
different. I use to just mess around with my own pictures with a program, when i wanted something fun to do. I love that you can make just about anything and all types of people can see it all over the world. Also i love it almost as much as youtube,so that's saying something since i'm a music fanatic, so Polyvore is lucky to even be #2.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


C@NDY WHORE! thats


Sweet Tooth Party


Back in August i had a "Sweet tooth Party" for my birthday. Loved it.
 I had a big table full of candy and all yummy things. It was so bright and colorful. Loved how it turned out.
I even made my own giant lollipops to hang around the place, and mini candy from card-board
boxes. Omg, the fun part was watching everyone rush the table when it was time to eat candy.LOL!

Sweet Tooth Party

Friday, December 12, 2008

Rock your Room

Three days ago Poly held a contest with PBteen. The contest had to do with interior design and we had to make a set
with PBteens items ONLY. We kinda had to do a "wish list" set, what we would want our room to be like. So i made a collage
of things i would want, lol..and i came in 3rd place..WOW..i can't believe happy and well be featured in their site as well.
I will add the link when it's up..and all 3 winners get an early xmas gift, we get gift cards...awwww THANK YOU
PBteen and Poly! Hugs..oxox

Thank You

Sometimes people surprise me with a set . So i am very thankful and touched. I love the sets that are made for me. I wanted to share a few in here. Thank you all for the lovely sets.
I love them all..oxox PaintHead

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Contest Winners

Oh Sweet Blythe!

Every week i hold a contest in my group in Poly. This weeks contest was the hardest for me to judge, so i had
a secret judge to help. The contest was on these cute big eyed, big head dollies called Blythe Dolls.
They are the cutest things, and i love them, they where everywhere these days. But the contest had to come to an end and here are my winners. First place winner gets to have their set featured as the groups icon, and 2nd and 3rd place winner
gets a set done by me.

2nd place: JO
3rd place: *****
4th place: torilink
5th place: Sweetika
6th place: Jazzyhater
7th place: brit brit
8th place: Tamaira G
9th place: MustHave
10th place: veluxx