Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Recently poly held a contest to Dress Brea Grant for her movie premiere. Brea is starring in the new Hallooween 2 movie, which opens in August. Brea's very own stylist Christine Matsunaga of and social media guru Laura Roeder of looked through all the entries ,1,174 to be exacted and picked THREE winners. I am really happy to say i got 2nd place in this awesome contest. My set was featured in Brea's blog and she even made a sweet tweet on it. Her tweet to me "@PaintHeadsWorld congrats! i love your choices!"
Below is my winning set

Yummy Movie of the Week!

Last night i watched Orphan. Holy Cow this little girl is the queen of evil children in movies.
Oh sweet Esther is adopted by a couple, who are loving and want nothing more then to share their love with another child..LOL...but of course all things get worst and little sweet esther becomes a spawn of satan. I won't ruin the movie, but this movie was way better then i expected and so entertaining from the start. The house was packed and everyone was into it with cheers, verbal abuse to the big screen, which i don't get, because the actors can't hear saying "RUN" really won't help at all. Other then that i loved it. The actress who plays Esther is Isabelle Fuhrman, perfect casting and in the movie Esther dresses "not so normal" compared to the other kids, but that is what makes her evilly special. Love her outfits.
Now go out and adopt this sweet orphan for a few hours, its worth it.

Are there any movies you are dying to see?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Some Yummy 2009/2010 Movie Releases
Here are some great movies to watch out for. As some of you know, i go to the movies once a week. Last week i saw Bruno, I love Beth Cooper and Ice age 3...yay three movies in two days...whoa, but here are some movies i am looking forward in seeing.
I see a few 80's classic coming to a big screen, like Halloween, i think at this point is it part 50..who knows. Nightmare on Elm's street is coming out in April 2010. A remix of the original, and no you will not see Johnny Depp :( . There is a 3-D smurf movie coming out as well in 2010, gotta love those blue little smurfs. Lets not forget G.I joe's, who's brother did not have any? I'm sure from this list you will find a movie that is worth watching, whether you love family movies, action, slasher killer, chic flicks and fashion, there is something for everyone...i can't wait for "Brothers" looks so good.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Fashionable Cupcakes

See, even what you eat can be full of fashion. What a great way to EAT, think, breathe and live fashion. These awesome fashion cupcakes where photographed by Therese Aldgard

Cupcakes Inspired by: Betsey Johnson, Vera Wang, Chanel,Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Somewhere deep inside me,
I found ... the child I used to be
And I know that it's not too late
Never too late...(Nessaja,Bruno soundtrack)

All candy photos by me ❤✿PaintHead. 2009

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Art Prints Available

Great news, you can now own a print of my paintings. Below you can see which paintings are available in prints.
Email me at for quotes. Click on the image to view painting bigger in window.
Also i am setting up a little shop in Etsy, when it is up and running i will post it here.

Click to play this Smilebox postcard: Candy art

Monday, July 20, 2009

PEEP- cation

So i have these two PEEP friends who thanked me for not eating them.
Since i did not eat them, they decided to go on some adventures.
Their first stop was VEGAS, they had so much they even sent me a postcard. Here is their postcard and a snapshot.

Cutest Blog Award!

Wow, thank you Thestrawberryfields for nominating my blog
for a Cutest Blog Award Presented by Audrey Marie
So honored to be nom for anything that has to do with my little yummy oxox Thank You
Strawberry Fields! Also check out Audrey's Blog for more details and who wins


Friday, July 17, 2009

Coca Cola Design #3

This is the 3rd cokeilious summer design that came out.
Surf's Up dude. Love it, it's sleek and sexy LOL, and YUMMY when it's all nice and cold.

Check out Design 1 and Design 2. To see all five go here

My little tiny blog got nominated

Thank you gypsyfox for the nomination.
That was sweet and cool. Thank you all who actually come by my blog and enjoy what comes out of my wacky candy filled


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Here are my seven things about

1. I want to stop traffic one day and dance in the middle of the street, like they do in FAME.
2. I study the flags of the world for fun.
3. I once had an all white cat named Rainbow.
4. I hate odd numbers. Things make more sense to me when they are even...LOL
5. I can eat pizza for every meal, with fries and a coke.
6. I crave cherry jolly ranchers when cars brake, because the red light comes on and i think JOLLY RANCHER.
7. I don't eat meat.....the end.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sweet Snail Mail
Not that long ago i received a yummy package in the mail. This yummy package was from PiaPia, a poly pal who lives in Norway. Inside was a sweet cupcake card with her writing and then a piece of Melkesjokolade. I love getting mail and i love it when someone takes time to put everything together. Now these days with email everything is rushed, fast, last minute BDay greetings....blah. Writing letters with a personnel touch seems to be dying off.
Pretty soon stamps probably won't exist either, but i love sending letters through the mail and decorating the envelope with stickers, glitter and yummy surprises inside. I think it is something people should do more of. oxoxo


This weekend i went to a Hispanic Festival at Penns Landing. It was so awesome to see people come together to celebrate what we all have in common, being LATINOS. All Latin cultures were represented there, but in Philly the Puerto Rican culture dominates and you see more of a Puerto Rico, which of course it is never enough. Such pride filled the air as people walked from one stand to another looking at artwork, eating our traditional Arroz con Gondules, and dancing to salsa as the band played on.

If someone gave me a choice to be re-born again into another culture or come back as me being Puerto Rican, i would would pick what i am now. I love who i am. I love knowing i am part of a heritage that is full of color, life, rich history, pride and strength. I love our language, our food, our boricua.

Monday, July 6, 2009



I just love carousel's. I could sit and watch them go round and round for hours. This carousel is from the mall i go to, every summer i see it in motion and hear it's melody.I just had to take some pictures of it. It's so magical and pretty. The best part is when the sunsets and all you can see are the bright lights and hear the faded tunes. I love summer!

Princess For a Day!

princess Pictures, Images and Photos
My niece turned 4 and had a birthday Party. All the little girls where asked in the invites to come dress as a princess. I'm not a littel girl, but i came dressed in my outfit as well. I made a home made, non sew of that later.LOL
But this party was so cute, magical and fun. There's nothing like going to a little girls Birthday party and seeing everything pink, yummy and all things sparkly.