Friday, April 30, 2010

Magical Friday!

When there
are no words
to say!

Vampire Diaries

OMG!! This is the only show i HAVE to watch. Every thursday at 8pm my behind sits and watches this awesome blood sucking show. I won't get into what the show is about because it's to much info, so for those who watch it faithfully as i do would know what i am talking about...These are my predictions and i could be wrong, but let me give it a try.

  • I think Elena is really Katherine. This would probably explain why Damon and her(elena) have this weird , special connection.
  • Jeremy will become a vampire or would want to become one, since he finds it "cool"
I know next week's show Isabelle returns and is talking to Elena. Somehow she is retated to Katherine, but what is Isabelle tells her "YOU ARE KATHERINE"..OMG
Can't wait to see what will happen. Sry if you know nothing about Vampire Dairies, you should be ashamed, lol..oxox Below are some awesome poly setties featuring my T.V LOVE that rocks my eye sight..VAMPIRE DAIRIES.

Freddy's Back!

NightMare on Elm Street was more like a nightmare of a classic :( I saw the midnight showing and it's a cool movie to watch, i jumped plenty and it entertains. But it lacked in the development of Freddy. I mean you have Robert Englund who played Freddy for years. He know's freddy in and out, HE IS FREDDY . His role was taken by the awesome Jackie Earle, who would own the part if we were introduced to freddy for the first time ever in our tiny lives. Freddy is know for his sick sense of humor and his I'M A BAD-ASS and i know it attitude. This "new" freddy did not have that at all. To me he did not kill enough either. If you see it and expect it to be like the original, it's not at all, but it has some of the classic sense in it. Any woot should you watch it?'s worth it, but don't fall asleep in there...muwhahahaha
Signing off...oxox Coke Stains and Cupcakesoxox..PaintHead

Friday, April 23, 2010

Magical Friday!

When there are
no words to say!


This movie rocks, if there is a movie you have to see, let it be this one. Full of adventure and really entertains. I loved it. It's also funny, with some dark humor and coming of age issues. The only thing i would change is HitGirl's outfit. I mean, i know these "Superhero's" are suppose to be the everyday average person hiding behind a mask, BUT whoa, i think with all the money she steals she can get a better looking Kick Ass, gun shooting, knife stabbing, ball breaking costume. I would of loved to see her in a tulle tutu, with a corset that was layered with a sheer top( I sense a set coming) and Some funky leggings. Loved her hair tho. Other then that, this movies is awesome. Go check it out!

Other movies out this weekend: "The Backup Plan"which is getting very BAD reviews, but i like to see the movie myself and make my own judgement, Disney's "Oceans", "Why did u get married too", "Death at a Funeral", "How to train a Dragon" and others..just check your local listings.

Next weekend..Can't wait for this remix on April 30th.."Nightmare on Elm Street"
Lynn Visible

Last year Polyvore held a contest based on the soon to be published novel by Julia Devillers, "Lynn Visible" The contest was to style an outfit that Lynn would wear in the story. I came in 4th place, and got my copy this past monday in the mail. Julia wrote me a little note in there and my name is also in the "Thank You" section. I'm there as "PaintHead". It was so cool to be part of this book. If this book ever become s a movie, i wish to be a part of it behind the scene, to style a girl can dream, why not? Julia has had a book made into a Disney movie before "How my private journal became a bestseller" and is author to another tween, teen books.

This contest was special to me, it reminded me of when i was in High School, and the kids would pick on me because of how i dressed. I did not dress "normal" , i dressed in color, patterns and whatever i loved and found inspiring from the thrift shop. I never let that get to me, i continued to dress how i wanted and did not listen to the remarks. If anything , it kinda made me feel sorry for people who were afraid to be themselves and stand out. The cool thing to LYNN is my middle name.

Note from Julia Devillers
My name in the book "PaintHead" along with the other winners


Lynn Vincent knows all the latest trends and isn't afraid to flaunt her funky style. The problem is, in small-town Pennsylvania, being fashion forward makes Lynn socially backward. And the queen bees at her high school won't let her forget it, especially when her dream of making the IT panel for GlITter Girl—the coolest fashion magazine in teendom—is crushed. But when one of Lynn's unique creations makes it into the hands of a famous designer and onto the runway, it seems that Lynn might finally get her moment in the spotlight.

My winning Set

This set i made when i saw the cover for the first time.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010


First Friday is a big deal in Philly, and i am happy to be having a solo art show on May 7th
If you are around the Philly around , stop by. I will be having paintings from my new collection
"Candy Couture". I will not figure any here until after the art show, because i want to showcase them there first.

Where: Mendez Homes & Investments
2480 FrankFord Ave
Philadelphia, Pa 19125

When: Friday May 7th, 2010 6-9pm

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What's in Your Passport?


Paris ooh la la. When someone mentions Paris you might think romance, elegance..right?
Well i think about bread, flea markets, unique shops and beauty. Considered one of the Fashion capitals of the world, Paris France is the place to visit if you are in the fashion world. Street style fashion is more of an interest to me then the runway shows. I find that people in Paris dress more on what is suitable to them then what is fashionable/trendy. You will find a mixture of vintage and chic together. Paris is on my bucket list, one of the places i want to visit before i become stardust forever. Below are some lovely Paris setties from poly, that showcase Paris style.

Some awesome Fun Facts about Paris, France!

* The most visited Landmark in France is not the Eiffel Tower. It's DisneyLand, Paris.

*Before the city was called Paris, the city was called Lutetia during the first to the sixth century Roman occupation, but the present name began to replace this towards the end of that period.

*The rich people of Paris tend to be low profile. They take buses and bicycles to go to work or school.

* It's common to see young people line up outside of the Opera Theaters hoping to get a discounted ticket.

Postcard From Paris

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Magical Friday!

When there are
no words to say!

It's that time of year again, when every girl in High School wants to be a princess and shine for one night. Prom 2010 is so unique from any other year. I see the dresses move away from traditional silhouettes, they are no longer the mermaid look which is a trademark of Mori Lee, one of the best Prom dress designer. Other Prom trends i see are bold pattern, like floral and animal prints..that's for the wild girl, lol. Although i am loving what i am seeing this year for prom, to me it's not a prom unless i see tulle and shimmer, or a short tutu dress. But whatever your into or like, you will find something that suits you here in Bella Boutigue.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Last night i went to Claire's, it is one of the largest accessory stores EVA... It's so yummy, like i died and went to accessory heaven. You can find anything in there from crazy, colorful, elegant and just fun. Pretty soon a collection called "Tokyo Girls" will come out, looks like it was inspired by juku. They also have this collection on Alice In Wonderland, i saw the posters and fell in love with them. They are very creative and lovely, so i had to search for the images and post them here.

Signing off...oxox Coke Stains and Cupcakesoxox..PaintHead