Monday, March 18, 2013


All in the Details.
(Photos by:Style Bistro)

I Spy with my eye MARC by MARC JACOBS in the form of

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Crayon Box: Light Blue

Once In a Blue Moon!
Once in a Blue Moon!

Once in a Blue Moon! by painthead featuring dannijo

Blue is such a calming color. It always brings me serenity and peace, especially when I sit in a blue waiting room at the Dr.'s office; the wait seems more pleasant..ah! I love how Blue can go with just about any other color. I also like to pair up my blue's with red, greens and oranges; blue pops out more againt these colors and these color combinations are known to awaken artistic expression.

But my question regarding BLUE is, Why isn't there any trees full of Blue leaves in the fall? A magical question i'll probably never get an answer to.

Speaking of BLUE, this lovely Light Blue Baroque dress from Romwe is one of my favorite rags in my closet. I know, I know baroque is now a thing of the fall, but I do not see myself getting rid of it anytime soon. Below are two looks of me wearing this dress..xoxo

1st look: *Dress: Romwe *Pink Pants: Express *Shoes: Just Fabulous
2nd Look: *Dress: Romwe * White Pants: Express *Boots: Ross

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Crayon Box: Yellow!

I want!

Yellow is such a beautiful color, it is pleasant and "happy". Yellow is known to cheer people up, and promote optimism. Well no wonder I was so sure today I would come across a Marc Jacobs Diet coke can, but I did not...wah! Yellow is also associated with jealousy and envy. The only thing I envy is how yellow can mix with red and make orange. Yellow is also one of the colors recommended to ease depression during the winter months; when all you see is darkness quickly approaching before you even get home from work..ugh! Spring oh spring, hurry up and come.

My "happy" Yellow rags of the day!

Top, shaw, tights: Joyce Lesile
Yellow Skirt: Jones New York
Leopard Shoes: Payless

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Circus Dreams: Crayon Box!

"Mira, tu! Why do you have so many colors on? Are you a clown?" Those lovely words came from a patient at work yesterday. Maybe a few years agos I would of want to jump and choke the poor guy, but it was actually music to my ears. I was not offended; if anything I took it as a compliment.  From time to time there's always a relasped childhood memory of me wanting to run away with the circus. For now i'll just wait until the circus comes to town; which they always do during April. xoxo 

Top: Sag Habor
Blazer: Jones New York
Pants: Sunny Lehigh
Ring: Charming Charlie
Shoes: Just Fabulous
Nails: SinFul Colors in Hot & Sour

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