Monday, May 10, 2010

The day started at 6am. Took the subway to the bus station. It was the type of station you find in a sundance movie. Where christmas decorations still hang and cool blue lights stay on even in the daytime. Paper's blowing with plastic bottles creating a mini tornado of magical trash. People sitting waiting to board for their destination. Where were they going? New York, Washington, Virginia? I had my round trip ticket in hand to NYC. A two hour bus ride, that would either put me to sleep or keep me up stirring more possibilities. For 20 dollars i was able to escape for a while and be in search of my butterfly Vivienne Tam.

Going on a bus makes you feel alone as you "land" in NYC. Here you are in a strange city, no one knows you. Your a stranger, and outsider. People are willing to help if you are lost, but when you ask for directions you quickly realize that person is also an outsider as well, because their response is " Sorry, i am not from around here". So now your on your own again to figure things out, find a map and head for your treasured butterfly, Vivienne Tam.
Now your walking, walking and walking some more. Long blocks seem endless especially when your anxious and excited. Then when you least expect it, there is the lovely shiny building. With clear windows, the clouds reflect off of it ,making it look more heavenly. Finally your in.
Where do you start? So many beautiful colors and choices. Search and search until that perfect dress or top screams at you "Hey take me, i am perfect for you. I will fit nice and you will love me forever". "Your right" i said to the dress. "I will take you with me".

This saturday i went to NYC with Becky my pal and movie theater crime partner. I went to use my $500 prize i won from the Vivienne Tam contest held in Polyvore back in December. Vivienne herself picked my design and i was very honored by that. The store is so beautiful. The colors are bright and the patterns Vivienne creates are one of a kind. It was hard to pick what i wanted because ONE, her cloths are so expensive and TWO,everything is to die for.
So i kept looking at every item and then, there she was was. A gor'juss natural cotton tank dress with a giant orange butterfly out of sequin and a tiny yellow one next to it. I loved how the dress is layered with chiffon. So beautiful, and it was $330 dollars. But with my 500 gift card i was able to afford it, LOL. Then i got with the balance a $137.00 Strech Net tank in navy. So my whole total plus tax was $508.99
So all i had to do was pay 9 dollars.

The girls who worked there were so nice. So helpful and so chic. I asked one of them named Kristine if Vivienne ever comes by and she says "Oh all the time, she was just here last week" Whoa, lucky girls to be working there and know Vivienne Tam. Because it's her only store in the USA she visits often and likes to know how things are going. To my surprise Kristine gave me a canvas tote bag from the spring collection of 2009 as a gift. Awww so nice. THANK YOU VIVIENNE TAM AND TEAM...oxoxoxox

After shopping a VT we walked a lot more toward Ground Zero. Where they are building a project to called "Rebuilding Ground Zero" These new building are so beautiful and Huge. I am not sure if the main sky scrapper will be as tall as the World trade, but it's huge. It will be offices, etc and they will also have a memorial for Sept 11th. There was a preview where you can see how it will be when it is all done. Let me tell you, you HAVE to see it. It's so touching and sad, but so good to see and remember September 11. I loved the statue of liberty they had in there. They collected some of he memorials family and loved ones left at the site. Photo's, letter, prayers and even their favorite candies and covered liberty with all that stuff. It was touching to see that. Below you will see more photos of my NYC trip. I also went to canal street and took pictures there. Enjoy!
Becky , hanging with the mannequin

My ButterFly Dress and tote bag from Spring 2009. Bag was given as a gift.

Ground Zero

Signing off...oxox Coke Stains and Cupcakesoxox..PaintHead


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a good time. Love the dress you pick and the bag they gave you was cute. the statue of liberty looks like a lovely memorial. ( And I Want Those large rings at the End lol :D)-MusicFanatic

Susan said...

Wow! Well done for winning the contest - and for being super lucky too. You might like to participate in the Grace Kelly book giveaway at ShopCurious too?