Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall 2013: PLAID

Fall 2013: PLAID

It's impossible to go through the fall without wearing plaid. Plaid is the pattern that screams fall and makes everything feel warm and cozy.  So this fall get inspired to incorporate plaid in your ensemble.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Black on Black: 80's

SuitCase of Memories

I' ve been in an 80's mood lately, more so then ever. I'm not sure if it is due to Betsey Johnson's Spring 2014 fashion show or maybe getting one year older makes you start to think of childhood things. What ever my excuse reason is for this 80's maddness, I shall embrace it full on.
Back in June I purchased these bright neon pink leggings and they were finally paired with ankle socks from We Love Colors and my starry heels. Such a Jem moment. The heels alone had a lot going on, so going black on black kept my outfit from screaming "victim". Besides going black on black made the colors pop more.

Top/Skirt: Joyce Lesile/ Leggings: Target/ Ankle socks: We Love Colors/ Shoes: Just Fabulous/ Clutch: Meredith Wendell for Polyvore; gifed to me from Polyvore

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Primary Colors


I'm not a fan of wearing primary colors all at once, although it happens. When it does happen I try not to look like a big giant preschool poster. Well, maybe being compared to a box of crayons would be better. I'm enjoying my Phillip Lim bag from Target. The word is the collection is already sold out in most stores. People are going instane for the limster. Can you blame them? After all they are Phillip Lim items. Have you purchased a Phillip Lim item yet?

Top: Ana Taylor/ Skirt: Brooks Brothers/ Purse: Phillip Lim/ Blazer: Vintage/ Tights: Joyce Lesile
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Monday, September 16, 2013

Anchors Away:Just Details

The sunlight is so bright and it glows "yellow orange" during the evenings hours in the fall. It turned my blazer into another color: yellow. The real color is yellow green with white stripes. I paired up my blazer with this lovely anchor top by Cynthia Rowley. The top had some really nice details, so today this post is just that: details.

Real Color of the blazer

Top: Cynthia Rowley/ Blazer: Vintage/ Purse: Phillip Lim for Target
Necklace: Gifted from Polyvore/ Beads: Vintage

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Day of Lim: Phillip Lim

My awesome alarm rang this morning at 6:30am. I threw on a pair of bell bottoms, random top and walked out the door( yes, after brushing my teeth and all) I was on my way to Target, to be "the first in line" or at least hope to be. I arrived at 7:20am and to my surprise, but not really surprised, the parking lot was empty. I was the first person there beside staff. That was a great sign already and I knew I would get what I wanted from Phillip Lims collection.
At 7:50am I headed to the door and meet up with a girl who was there for the collection as well. She also wanted the same bag as me- "the yellow bag". At 7:58am the doors were being unlocked. We both came up with a plan: who ever gets to the bags first gets two. That way this ensures we both get the bag we had in mind. Before we knew it 20 people were behind us. Where did they come from? Either way the doors opened, my new line buddy and I went straight to the handbags, she grabed two of the yellow ones and handed one to me...Ahhhhhh. That was instant bonding in the name of fashion.

There was a claim maddness, people did not rush or push. There was enough to go around expect for the yellow bags. From the whole collection present there were only five yellow(mustard) bags.
The pieces I saw were out so quicky where the handbags, the floral tops, and leopard skirt. By the time I left all the bags were gone and one leopard skirt stood hanging, ever so lovely. I only purchased two items: the "Boom" sweater in grey and a yellow cross body handbag(picture below). I could of gone crazy, but I did not. I'll save my craziness for when Betsey Johnson, Ann Sui or Marc Jacobs ever come out with a Target collection, hmmmm, that would be beyond maddness,oxox

See more Phillip Lim Target looks here

My purchase

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fashion Week: Betsey Johnson SS/14

 Just two weeks ago I was having a "Pretty in Pink" kind of night; remembering John Hughes by watching his movies. Today (9/11/13) during Betsey Johnson's SS/2014 Fashion Show the second song that played was the soundtrack from John Hughes movie "Pretty in Pink". I could not believe my ears, it made the show extra special and meaningful because to me Betsey Johnson is my John Hughes of Fashion. What a moment, to see BJ's show for the first time and hear a John Hughes sountrack. The show was everything I hoped it to be and more. The place was packed from one side to the other and here I was part of this great moment. Where time seem to stand still and everyone gets Betseyified. The models came out having fun and being playful with the photographer's and crowd. The music was great and everyone was in party mode all the sudden.

    The collections palette was mostly pale pink, some leopard prints and of course her signature tutu dresses. Also, the models wore large hoops earrings and gold chains with a simple "Betsey" written across. Their lipsticks were in pastel colors: baby blue, yellow, pale pink. I've been seeing baby blue being used a lot during this season. Maybe that will be the next big color.

And of course I want to thank POLYVORE who got the invites for both Betsey Johnson and Anna Sui. To be able to attend any show is beyond amazing. It was an honor to be a polyvore community correspondant. I'm still pitching myself ;)

Photos: By me(paint)
Betsey Johnson's invite Courtsey of :WWD

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