Monday, June 13, 2011

Stripes, Glasses and Wedges OH MY!

Yeah it's been a while, but I MISS IT ;( sniff sniff. I've been busy like a bee and working on a project. Can't wait for it to all come together. Don't worry, soon i will share with you my lovely cupcakes, who ever you are ;) oxoxoxo Today's outfit inspired by nothing, but fashion itself, lol I love pairing up red and orange, it's very summery and happy . I added some funky earrings, pink lipstick and off i went. Where? I don't know anywhere i felt like going. Ok this heat has gotten to me. Thank you, to all that stop by my tiny blogger, means a lot, oxoxox Cupcake Hugs.

Dress: Joyce Lesile
Stripe wrap: Debs
Shoes: Easy Picken's
Earrings: Dots
Orange tights: Joyce Lesile