Wednesday, July 24, 2013


About two years ago my mom gave me an Aveeno night creme sample. The sample last me about three weeks and I was sad to see it all gone. The night creme sample was not heavy on my face, it smelled good ,my face felt clean and fresh, I was ready for my beauty sleep. So I became a fan of Aveeno right away. I then decided to try a daily moisturizer so I purchased the Positively radiant daily moisturizer with SPF. I have very sensitive skin so "trying" several products until I found the right one was my goal. I started using the moisturizer daily; it left my face non-greasy, refreshing and most importantly it did not irriate my skin. Already things were starting off great.

 Before using Aveeno my skin was not even toned, but it was something I never really paid that much attention to, until I noticed the changes using Aveeno had made. My skin was becoming even tone and my complexion was clearer and soft. This was about at least three weeks into using the moisturizer.
I was so excited about this product I decided right there to only use Aveeno on my face. I then purchased Positively radiant skin brightening daily scrub. Another product that adds the cherry on top of all the wonder this product does. After I wash my face with the scrub everything is so soft and leaves my face smelling so good. My next Aveeno adventure will be their body wash, shampoo's and conditioner's.

Please note this is not a sponsored post. I truly love this product and it really works. Aveeno really does what it states it does. If you know me, you know I am loyal to a product/brand once I consider it to be AMAZING. Just look at me with Coca Cola and Polyvore :) Do you use Aveeno? If yes which product?

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

1950's Twist

Remember my post about Persunmall? Well here is another one. I received a parcel a few days ago and it was this lovely Retro Color Drape Chiffon Dress. Upon seeing the dress I knew right away I wanted to give it a 1950's twist, the question was how? The "white" dress was my canvas and all I did was add some polka dots, a pop of fuschia, red lips and my glasses. Enclosed with the dress was a lovely gold ring, details are shown in a photo below. How would you style your Retro Chiffon Dress from Persunmall?


Dress/Ring:Persunmall/ Shoes: Joyce Leslie / Earrings: Asos
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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Incase you are not sure what/who Skinny Cow is? It's an irresistible brand of treats where it is ok to not give a "lick" about calories. For three months Polyvore held an open contest which allowed us to create a "WoCave"and yesterday was the last day for anyone to enter. A WoCavé™ (or Woman Cave) where the men are scarce & SKINNY COW® treats abundant. 

It was an interior design contest and to participate, we had to create an environment we would only wish to have the pleasure of calling it a wocave. And lets not forget the incredible $7,500 in a gift card for the first place winner to put towards their wocave. This was a fun contest to be a part of and it was my first time doing interior, which I actually enjoyed.  I won't lie, this would be great considering I only have one sofa...wah, bare walls and in need of more lighting...tehe! Any woot, below are my entries so mooooooooooooove it on down to check them out.

Skinny Cow’s Build Your Own WoCavé™ Contest

Skinny Cow’s Build Your Own WoCavé™ Contest

Skinny Cow’s Build Your Own WoCavé™ Contest

Skinny Cow’s Build Your Own WoCavé™ Contest

Skinny Cow’s Build Your Own WoCavé™ Contest

Skinny Cow’s Build Your Own WoCavé™ Contest

Skinny Cow’s Build Your Own WoCavé™ Contest

Skinny Cow’s Build Your Own WoCavé™ Contest by painthead on Polyvore

Of course I would have one with a garden. Would be cool to have colorful pots and layers for next season:2014.  What's your favorite Skinny Cow treat? If you have had them before.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hey hey you you


So, where have I been? Last entry was 4th of July. Well I burst into tiny little fire crackers and been floating in the sky since, but i'm back on the ground now.
I read some awesome news. My lovely sister sent me an email a few weeks ago stating JOSH GROBAN will be in town in november. So exciting and guess who will be going? Me of course. Josh Groban is the only singing artist whose album I purchase and look forward to ALL THE TIME. I've been a fan since the start and seen him twice in concert. We'll he's only been to philly twice. Either way I cannot wait to go and see him again. I'll leave you with one of my favorite songs of his: "February Song"

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th


Fashion Freedom:  To wear whatever you want and not care about what others may think. So if you want to wear a pink tutu with zebra print leggings, then go ahead why not?  If you care what others think it means you are dressing for people and not for yourself. However, there are policy's(dress codes) in the workfield we do need to go by and that is different.

I often get that "what is she wearing look"?, but since high school I have learned to ignore it and it does not bother me at all. Infact, it's just a confirmation to me that some people are not open minded. You would think since it is "2013" people might have seen it all....YA THINK! Either way, never let weird looks, laughter and rude comments change who you are. Never settle not even for free clothes. 

Have an awesome 4th of July!

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Top: Calvin Klein/ Sunnies: Quiksilver/ Earrings: Joyce Leslie/ Nails: Sinfulcolors in "Snow White"

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

In the garden

En El Jardin

En el Jardin

Last summer '12 was my first attempt to "grow" a garden. My mom gave me three baby tomato plants and I had no idea what I was doing, but with google and motherly garden advise, the plant got big and produced a good amount of tomatoes. I then planted some cucumber(which only produced one) and basil. 

This year I wanted to start the tomato plants from seed, so in November I ordered all my seedlings and started to prepair for March. Again I am an amature, so google became my garden buddy and through my research I gained confidence knowing my seedlings will grow. Ok....ok, I really lacked some confidence in anticipating an epic fail, because I still purchased two tomatoe plants as back up. I did not want to be without any tomatoes during the summer, so those two tomato plants growing in the photo below is from a farmers market. They grew so fast while my tiny seedlings were going through so much hardship. I have two horror stories with my seedlings, but i'll save those for another time.

Also, I started from seed some cucumbers, mixed bell peppers, basil (dark opal:purple & green), cilantro and mixed lettuce. If you look closely, you can see two yellow cups. Those are two plants from my 30 tomato seedlings. I had so many, I needed to give some away to my mom, sister and co-workers.

 In May
Before spring arrived I knew I wanted to recycle my gril and make it into a big herb pot. Under the grill you see some more yellow cups. Those are tomato plants from seed. Types of tomatoes I am growing: Green zebra striped, Mini yellow, Yellow Jubilee, Heirloom Rainbow Mix and Black cherry..Exciting! This day was also my very first harvest for lettuce.

Late May
Purple Basil and Cilantro in the grill herb pot

Mix bell peppers...growing so well.

Hello there, first tomatoes.

You can see how much everything has grown since the first picture. I have a jungle in front of my house because I don't have a yard in the back. The cucumbers are climbing and climbing.

First week in June

My Flamingo, who watches over the garden.

First Cucumber. I harvested him last night. 
He was dinner today. He grew so big and now he is:

Third week in June and now you see Rosemary, which I purchased at the farmers market. I could not find seed anywhere, and it was a good way to support local farmers.

My babies are growing so big and strong. Today they are bigger then what you see in this photo. I need to transplant this weekend. There you have it, a glimpse of what I enjoy doing on the weekends. It is truly a blessing to be able to grow food from seed. It's hard work, but in the end when you have fresh veggies and herbs on your dinner table , you see the "fruits" of your labor. I Thank GOD for all that he provides for me and my family. Stay tune for more photos in the weeks to come.

Mixed Bell Peppers

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