Wednesday, June 26, 2013

If you're a Bird.....

Flamingo Chic!

 If Allie and Noah from the The Note Book were specific in stating what "bird" they would be, i'm pretty sure it would be a flamingo. Ok maybe not, but what other bird would they want to be? A seagull? Flamingos are elegant, interesting to look at and lets not forget very PINK. It's no wonder the fashion world has taken inspiration from these long legged beauties. I've been searching far and wide for anything flamingo, but I have had no luck. I will continue my search because I know one will fly my way either in the shape of a handbag, ring or lovely summer printed dress.  Below are some awesome rockable flamingo rags.


Kate Spade( I want)

 Betsey Johnson (I also want)

Flamingo skater dress: oasis


Betsey Johnson

If your not up to being "pink" like a flamingo, then you can sport some crustacean, which has also inspired the fashion world. This would be more on the nautical side, but it still screams summer and fun.

 Oh! and Mr. Crab too
Betsey Johnson

Signing off..oxoxCoke Stains and Cupcakes..oxox Painthead™

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