Monday, November 22, 2010

Let's Hear it for New York!

Ello! Ello! Been a while, but here are the rest of the photo's when i went to NYC and stood at 'The Standard Hotel" (read more here.) I went to Dylan's Candy Bar and Time Square and of course i wanted to see Forever 21, which is kinda over rated, but still Enjoy the photo's. I want them to speak for themselves, so i will not write under each photo! Just know that i had so much fun :) oxoxooxoxoxoxoox. Oh and i went to the M&M store..HEAVEN!

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TheStrawberryFields said...

Hey sweetie hows thing?
I didnt know you were going to New York....guess what! Im going in March arggggghhhhh :D
Your pictures are rocking love the one of you in Times Square with the billboards behind you,and the mannequin with the kick ass dress on.
I need to go to that candy store i LOVE American chocolate and sweets i think i'll buy more of that than actual clothes haha.
Have a great weekend xxx