Tuesday, February 14, 2012

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"Breakfast With Polyvore" is how our day started. My knees buckled knowing i will soon meet Jess, Nadia and Pasha. To my surprise as i went into the Standard Grill, who do I see? The one and only Golestaneh and MyChanel. Golestaneh traveled all the way from Germany and Mychanel came all the way from Canada. I was also able to meet the winners for the contest poly held. I meet theacademic,kimberlee123,Isamsam, laynaelyse and Fashion-Fascinated.

And so, as i walked into the dinning room i saw Nadia *OMG* here is someone i only heard from through emails,phone and poly, now Nadia was in front of me..very surreal and awesome. Then i meet Jess another *OMG* moment, Jess is so sweet,stylish and Gor'juss. I think she is really a fairy who makes pixies dust while we sleep ;). Then i meet Crystal...i loved her bright hot pink top..it popped next to anything she stood against. She has this cute mole on her cheek, reminded me of JEM and her magical star. I also meet Nicole, such a rocker chic, loved her. Then Pasha *OMG* moment number three. What an honor to meet and be with the PolyTeam all day. Nothing else mattered, but being there and taking it all in.  Poly gave us each gifts that represented "us" and our setties. I almost fell off my chair when i opened mine. It was an awesome BETSEY JOHNSON bracelet *fashion heaven angels sing* I will post pics of the goodies later. 
After breakfast we were taken to Covergirl LipBar, we got our make-up done to look even more fancy during Polyvore Live, *wink* We were then taken to BLOW, got our hair done, and some more goodies. 

Once our hair and make-up where done, we went to LA VENUE to get full access backstage. It was awesome seeing familiar  fashion bloggers, as they got ready to walk down the runway in just a few hours. We mingled, did sounds bites,took photos and watched how the designers prep and tweaked their garments. We then headed back to the hotel to change and wait to be picked up by a limo. Somewhere in between we managed to eat;Mychanel,Golestaneh got some lunch, i ate fries, they ate pasta..YUM! More photos to come, it's time for bed. Goodnight world.

"BreakFast With Polyvore" menu and gift
Nadia,Jess and Pasha..the hands holding menu belongs to Golestaneh..tehe!
Coke Trunk, could not resist it!
Nadia and I
At BLOW for Hair
Me with MyChanel
At LA VENUE: Backstage Access

Figured Designer for PolyvoreLive:Celcstino
Fashion-Fascinated, Painthead(me) and Golestaneh
In a cab heading back to the standard to change for POLYVORE LIVE!

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Lilli said...

girlsssss you rock!! great photos Jess!! Big kisses! xoxo