Monday, March 31, 2014

Colorful Childhood

This is strange. It seems like everytime I make a post about Jem or my childhood it's the month of April. Maybe because it's spring and I think of new beginnings. Or maybe all the colorful easter eggs and bunnies make me think of Jem. My previous post on Jem was here and here, both in April, different year.  Anyhow, I'm still waiting on a Jem movie to come out. Would I love to work on that movie set. She's an icon of my childhood years and I can bet on my right hand that Betsey Johnson had some inspiration from Jem. Check out those rose leggings, thats so BJ, but first there was Jem.

 There was Rainbow Bright and Lisa Frank who shaped my colorful world to what it is today. What a boring childhood I would of had if it wasn't for them. But thank GOD they were around because it was all truly outrageous! oxoxooxox

Signing off..Coke Stains and Cupcakes..oxox Painthead™

Monday, March 24, 2014

Dear PRADA…..

I've been in love with Prada's Spring/Summer 14' Ad campaign since i've first laid eyes on it.
What is there not to love? I have a copy hanging in my office as a reminder to myself, of what I want to do in life; in regards to fashion. This whole collection is colorful, playful and creative, every piece should be in my closet. Sadly, they are not and for now i'll just have to admire them through print..wah! Prada never fails to disappoint and never fails to dominate fashion's editorial world each season. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Guatemala: Eternal Spring

Back in July my husband and I were invited by a good friend, who is now a Professor at Cairin University, to go to Guatemala for 10 days. I went with his class of 14 students (as chaperone and translator ) who are in a cohort program studying Urban Studies. As an "unofficial" student, I still learned and was challenged through out the whole trip. As you can imagine it was hard adjusting back to my world here in the states. After being expose to what we all did in ten days, how can my life ever be the same? The students focused on three ares of the country, their school systems, health system and criminal justice. It's really hard to put into words what I took back from this trip, but I know GOD has a plan for everything and purpose. Just one topic alone can take hours to write about and I don't think i'll last that long. One thing I can honestly say is that traveling outside the US always made me appreciate everything I have and not take things for granted. It also makes me realize what is important in life. What we may at times make a big deal out of is really trivial. Can we stop complaining if our coffee is cold, and just be thankful to have coffee. Can we stop complaining about not having anything to wear, and be thankful for having clothes. Can we stop complaining about our homes being messy, and be thankful for having walls, flushing toilet and running water. Can we stop complaining about having to do homework, and be thankful for the opportunity for  higher learning.

Aside from all the obvious hardship and lack of resource there was beauty everywhere. My visual sense went bananas as I had fun exploring all the colors and textures. It was good revisiting Guatemala and of course seeing Antigua again. Part of my heart reminds there and always will. I know i'll be back someday.

Signing off..oxoxCoke Stains and Cupcakes..oxox Painthead™