Thursday, June 6, 2013

Madame Bijoux


You may recall a scene in the movie Titanic  where Jack is showing his remarkable artistic skills to Rose. Of all the drawings, one stood out the most to me. A drawing that kept me curious and wondering if that person was indeed real. This drawing was titled "Madame Bijoux", it was of an old lady whom Jack meet once in Paris. This old lady according to Jack, would wear all her jewelry(bijoux) every night to a bar "waiting for her long lost love". I've search for this mystery and nothing really came out expect a story of a lady named "Madame Mustache", this is not the same person, nor the same story, but reading about her made me want to grow a mustache and set up a gambling table. You should check it out when ever you can.

I was inspired by the idea and concept of wearing most of my accessories and pretend to be Madame Bijoux for just one moment. How long was she waiting until she finally decided to move on? Did her long lost love ever show up? Was that the bar he promised he would return for her someday? Ah...I guess we will never know, but the idea is so sad, yet beautiful in some ways.

Dress: Vintage/Lips: OCC makeup
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