Sunday, December 12, 2010

Last night my sister had a dinner party for her friends. She asked me to come over and decorate
and set the tables. It was so fun and late hours, but in the end it was worth it.
My sisters home is huge, so she has four trees. I did not take pictures of the main big tree because it was not decorated yet. Besides decorating, i also helped in the cooking...OMG it was thanksgiving all over again, so much food. Below are some pictures of the event. At first you will see the glow of christmas that i love, with the lighting. Then you will see details of each tree. Enjoy! oxoox

Tree one. This tree is my nieces tree, so the ornaments are for kids, like dora, diego etc.

Tree two. This tree is decorated in blue, silver and white ornaments, they shimmer too.
Tree three. This tree was in the dinning room, the colors are browns, gold and creme.
This was the appetizer table.
I added some ornaments and xmas candy and layered a gold , red ribbon together.
This was fun to make. My sister made these cute tiny corn bread muffins.
I thought it would be a cool idea to make a wreath out of them.
I had a left over red bow and Voila! These muffins were a hit!
This was the play, bar room in the basement.
I thought it would be cool to have the nuts for the bar
and place a nutcracker to add some whimsey.

My sister also made that giant carrot cheese cake.
Mmmmm Homemade hummus!
CANDYYYYYYYY..of course i had to have some candy!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I finally got ALL my Paris Hilton shoes. I won a pair of paris shoes for a here to know more incase you forgot or did not know. Either way i am happy with my last pairs..there's a pair missing, it's BLAIR in burgundy, i just forgot to take a photo of it, but I am loving the boots, they come up to my knees...such yummy feet candy.

These leopard "Destiny" are already sold out at, they are hawt and will be a nice addition to any holiday little black dress.

This is her new shoe box design, so pretty and will make you feel like a princess!
Signing off...oxox Coke Stains and Cupcakesoxox..PaintHead™

Monday, November 22, 2010

When in doubt, Lace it up!

I love lace and it can be dressed up elegant, rock chic, romantic or just simple.
I found these sweet lace leggings in white and in pink as well. They are yummy and can turn any "normal" outfit into a funky one. If it's Chilly outside, just add a jacket.

Leggings: Dots
Skirt: Joyce Lesile
Top: Joyce Lesile
Shoes: Ross
Bracelet/Earrings: Joyce Lesile
Let's Hear it for New York!

Ello! Ello! Been a while, but here are the rest of the photo's when i went to NYC and stood at 'The Standard Hotel" (read more here.) I went to Dylan's Candy Bar and Time Square and of course i wanted to see Forever 21, which is kinda over rated, but still Enjoy the photo's. I want them to speak for themselves, so i will not write under each photo! Just know that i had so much fun :) oxoxooxoxoxoxoox. Oh and i went to the M&M store..HEAVEN!