Sunday, July 12, 2009


This weekend i went to a Hispanic Festival at Penns Landing. It was so awesome to see people come together to celebrate what we all have in common, being LATINOS. All Latin cultures were represented there, but in Philly the Puerto Rican culture dominates and you see more of a Puerto Rico, which of course it is never enough. Such pride filled the air as people walked from one stand to another looking at artwork, eating our traditional Arroz con Gondules, and dancing to salsa as the band played on.

If someone gave me a choice to be re-born again into another culture or come back as me being Puerto Rican, i would would pick what i am now. I love who i am. I love knowing i am part of a heritage that is full of color, life, rich history, pride and strength. I love our language, our food, our boricua.


.:*aMbAr*:. said...

YO TAMBIEN SOY BORICUA!!!!!! Me encantaria comerme un plato de arroz con gandules, lechon asao' y tostones!!! UMM Great post

NotJustAnotherBrickInTheWall said...

Oh so many colors and patterns i ADORE it! :D Cultures really amaze me! I think being a designer is the most wonderful thing in the world, cuz you can peek in everypart of world, history, you can get into it, into other cultures, you can feel it on your own way and find inspiration within. Before i didnt like being inspired (when i had to in highschool) with tradition and etno style, cuz i didnt realize how much fun you can have with it!
As future designer i sure will make a collection inspired by Croatian tradition and other as well!
And that postcard, oh soooo sweet! It looks adorable! (:
It is nice to get mail, i was so happy when my friend send my a X-mass card that she made! It's nice to get mail from others, and not just bills and junk mail.

krista carlson said...

Other cultures are so very fascinating. I would especially love to explore fashion in the different cultures. That would be so amazing to me!!!

GypsyFox said...

that looks like SO much fun! I love the pictures you took & you should be proud of your culture :) LOVE LOVE LOVE you header by the way!!!