Thursday, June 4, 2009

First summer Coke design

This is the first Summer 09 coke can..woot woot, as i mentioned before Coke will release Five Limited Editions this summer, and i got the first ...YUMMY!!! oxox



krista carlson said...

that is a neat idea with the sunglasses on there...clever

Anonymous said...

Hey Paint! Love your post! So i came to blogspot, seems cooler then my blog before, it's alot easier!
Hope you can help me decorate it!

GypsyFox said...

aweomse I am loving it! :D

Everyone loves fashion said...

so cool my dear :) mafe96

taylor said...

Really clever. i like it.

and as for LaCroix.. they are giving him six months, but it's still ashame that it came down to this..

KITKAR101PATD said...

very cute! i love all the cans! so you need one more? i cannot wait to see what it looks like!!
- Mrs. Urie [from polyvore]