Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Some Yummy 2009/2010 Movie Releases
Here are some great movies to watch out for. As some of you know, i go to the movies once a week. Last week i saw Bruno, I love Beth Cooper and Ice age 3...yay three movies in two days...whoa, but here are some movies i am looking forward in seeing.
I see a few 80's classic coming to a big screen, like Halloween, i think at this point is it part 50..who knows. Nightmare on Elm's street is coming out in April 2010. A remix of the original, and no you will not see Johnny Depp :( . There is a 3-D smurf movie coming out as well in 2010, gotta love those blue little smurfs. Lets not forget G.I joe's, who's brother did not have any? I'm sure from this list you will find a movie that is worth watching, whether you love family movies, action, slasher killer, chic flicks and fashion, there is something for everyone...i can't wait for "Brothers" looks so good.

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NotJustAnotherBrickInTheWall said...

Oh so movie about Coco comes in fall! I've been wondering where it is lol, cuz i've seen the trailer and the date when it will be releast, and then it's all gone, and no movie lol!
I'm going to watch Harry Potter today! Can't wait!