Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What's in Your Passport?


Paris ooh la la. When someone mentions Paris you might think romance, elegance..right?
Well i think about bread, flea markets, unique shops and beauty. Considered one of the Fashion capitals of the world, Paris France is the place to visit if you are in the fashion world. Street style fashion is more of an interest to me then the runway shows. I find that people in Paris dress more on what is suitable to them then what is fashionable/trendy. You will find a mixture of vintage and chic together. Paris is on my bucket list, one of the places i want to visit before i become stardust forever. Below are some lovely Paris setties from poly, that showcase Paris style.

Some awesome Fun Facts about Paris, France!

* The most visited Landmark in France is not the Eiffel Tower. It's DisneyLand, Paris.

*Before the city was called Paris, the city was called Lutetia during the first to the sixth century Roman occupation, but the present name began to replace this towards the end of that period.

*The rich people of Paris tend to be low profile. They take buses and bicycles to go to work or school.

* It's common to see young people line up outside of the Opera Theaters hoping to get a discounted ticket.

Postcard From Paris

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