Friday, April 9, 2010

Summer Trends 2010

What you see for the spring usually carry's over into summer and late fall.
What changes are the colors and weight of the fabrics. Other then that you kinda see the same things. For summer 2010, i am loving what i am seeing. Finally this summer is gonna be full of color, pattern, shapes and FUN!

Key Trends for sumer 2010

* Sheer Fabrics
* Polka Dots
* Bold Pattern Prints
* Asytmrical(one shoulder)
* Big Accessories (Big hair bows like in Marc Jacobs runway show, chunky bangles, belts)

Make-up: I noticed the "glow" is back. Natural looking make-up with peachy lips. If you love color like i do there is also Bold bright eye liner and blue eye shadows. You can also go all out and go for fuchsia/purple/indigo lipstick. I am seeing purple lips everywhere.

Signing off...oxox Coke Stains and Cupcakesoxox..PaintHead

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Engreida said...

That Marc is brilliant!