Friday, April 30, 2010

Freddy's Back!

NightMare on Elm Street was more like a nightmare of a classic :( I saw the midnight showing and it's a cool movie to watch, i jumped plenty and it entertains. But it lacked in the development of Freddy. I mean you have Robert Englund who played Freddy for years. He know's freddy in and out, HE IS FREDDY . His role was taken by the awesome Jackie Earle, who would own the part if we were introduced to freddy for the first time ever in our tiny lives. Freddy is know for his sick sense of humor and his I'M A BAD-ASS and i know it attitude. This "new" freddy did not have that at all. To me he did not kill enough either. If you see it and expect it to be like the original, it's not at all, but it has some of the classic sense in it. Any woot should you watch it?'s worth it, but don't fall asleep in there...muwhahahaha
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