Friday, April 23, 2010


This movie rocks, if there is a movie you have to see, let it be this one. Full of adventure and really entertains. I loved it. It's also funny, with some dark humor and coming of age issues. The only thing i would change is HitGirl's outfit. I mean, i know these "Superhero's" are suppose to be the everyday average person hiding behind a mask, BUT whoa, i think with all the money she steals she can get a better looking Kick Ass, gun shooting, knife stabbing, ball breaking costume. I would of loved to see her in a tulle tutu, with a corset that was layered with a sheer top( I sense a set coming) and Some funky leggings. Loved her hair tho. Other then that, this movies is awesome. Go check it out!

Other movies out this weekend: "The Backup Plan"which is getting very BAD reviews, but i like to see the movie myself and make my own judgement, Disney's "Oceans", "Why did u get married too", "Death at a Funeral", "How to train a Dragon" and others..just check your local listings.

Next weekend..Can't wait for this remix on April 30th.."Nightmare on Elm Street"

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TheStrawberryFields said...

I really enjoyed this,i actually thought it was going to be cheesy when infact it couldnt have been more violent if it tried.The little girl that played "hitgirl" was great,such a killing machine.
It was great to chillax with the boyfriend and some popcorn.