Friday, February 25, 2011

Oh it's that time of the month where we see lovely new covers floating around. For March 2011, these are the covers i adore.

My number one is Vogue Germany, March 2011.
Just Beautiful and Perfect.
Vogue Australia, March 2011.
Loving the Prada. Is it me? Or does this Vogue and Marie Claire cover look similar? Both have "Color" almost in the same font and both are rocking Prada, model with similar hair style too. I think there's a mole in one of the head quarters, leaking secret project ideas.LOL
Flare, March 2011.
Everything is Gor'juss and the orange against the blue is to die for.
Elle,usa, March 2011
Loving the colors and Katy Perry knows how to rock it out!
Bazaar, March 2011


nookie said...

all of covers are great but my faves are Marie Claire & Flare!
ohh and your right, the Vogue & Marie Claire covers look similar:))

krista carlson said...

I love all the covers....I really like seeing brights this year. Makes me feel all warm and cheery..