Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Color, Stripes and Prada OH MY!

My eyes twinkle at the sight of Prada's Spring 2011 collection. How my toes would be the happiest if they could wiggle in those Prada shoes this spring. How my shoulder would be warm if it was covered with that fuzzy clown wrap. Yum

Incase you can't get enough of Prada here's a movie called From Prada to Nada and of course Devil Wears Prada.

Signing off..Coke Stains and Cupcakes..oxox Painthead™


Cozycomfycouch said...

Hello! :D Just letting you know I added your button on my blog so people can come to your site and check out the Blogalicious joy you have here. :D Have a great weekend! :D

gitanilla de vainilla said...

thanks for using my polyvore set :) cool blog!