Tuesday, December 1, 2009

JEANTRIX Fashion Show

A few days ago i wrote about attending this fabulous Fashion Show hosted by Raquel Reed. This past saturday 11/28/09 was the big day for Nyce and Hom, the brains and creative founders of JeanTrix.
The Show was beyond amazing.
It was almost three shows in one because it was divided into three collections.
Each collection adding it's own element into the show but somehow they all came together to make it ONE show. oxoxo
The first collection was wild, funky and it made me think of a warrior princess in the year 3020, mixed with an alternative gothic edge. The models were badass and they seem like warriors that will hunt for their own rabbit and not need a man. It was strong, beautiful and fierce. The second collection was by far my favorite. The models came down with candy colored hair, tutu's, glitter. It was a carnival full of eye candy and there are a few pieces i would LOVE to own..oxoxo The third collection was gor'juss. Long flowy dresses and cotton candy colors.
I love how they played with color,pattern, textures and imagination. This is not the last you will hear of them. This is only the beginning. So proud they are from Philly. I also got to hang with my lovely friend Doedeere she is as lovely as ever. Who came dress with a tutu as well and a magical corset filled with precious colorful gems. We all went out to eat afterwards ( Me, tony,Doedeere, Mark, awesome photographer Steve Prue and fabulous hair stylist Kristin Jackson)

Second Collection!
I want this one! oxox

Third Collection!

Me and Doedeere..
I will make another post on my outfit

Nyce of JeanTrix
Hom of JeanTrix
Doedeere, Me and Raquel Reed


Anonymous said...

hey Painthead.. I read your blog regularly, but am too lazy to comment.. haha.. But I had to comment on this one, as Im so jealous.. You met with Doe and Raquel Reed.. >.< Happy for ya, and congrats, for winning that Paris Hilton contest too.. Cant wait for you to post the awesome shoes you get.. x]

and btw, Im Shahaaa on Poly.. <3

Susan said...

Wow! Amazing photos and wonderfully futuristic designs - fabulous xx

Engreida said...

Ah-mazing post! You have an amazing blog!