Friday, December 11, 2009

Greek Chic!

What's In your Passport?

First country i featured was Russia. Today our Passports will be stamped with the seal of Greece.
A place i want to visit and so many members in poly are from there. Blessed with strength and wisdom from the godds,they are also blessed with fabulous taste in fashion.They have come a long way from the robes drapped in gold. Very chic and oh that blue that makes me want to go swimming and become a greek mermaid.

Some cool facts on Greece

-The official name of Greece is the Hellenic Republic.

-Athens is the capital of Greece. It is also the most populated city in the country.

-Ancient Greek civilization comprised of Southern Italy, the coastal areas of Turkey and the Black Sea, along with some colonies in North Africa, Southern France and Spain. Modern Greece is just a part of it.

-tossing an apple to a girl was a traditional way of proposing

-Their culture mimcs greece with architecture, art, science, math, literature, music, philosophy and mythology

Greece. Pictures, Images and Photos

Here are some Poly sets featuring the lovely Greece!

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