Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer 09 Coke Collection

This is the fourth design from Coca Cola's Summer 09' Edition.
I got it today. So happy because i have one more left.. woot woot

Here is my collection below. Aren't they just yummy looking and fabulous. Can't wait to have them all together and complete.

Last two coke photos by me ❤✿PaintHead. 2009


NotJustAnotherBrickInTheWall said...

Oh they looks so cool!
I love the one with the sunglasses!
We dont have that here :S
Our Coke dont taste the same as the one i try in Usa! :/

nookie said...

hahaha they're awesome,love the balloon and the sunglasses edition:)

the Burtons said...

hey jess! ifound this and thought of you hehehe dont know why ;)