Friday, June 26, 2009

King of Pop, Queen of Angels

In one day June 25th, 2009 The world lost two real icons, what a strange day, yet a good way to celebrate their lives and all they left behind, amazing work, true talent, and mostly a legacy.

By now the whole world knows of the death of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett . My first reaction to MJ's death was shock, as it must of been to most. Once the shock sets in there comes the sadness. Whether you are a fan of MJ or not, there is no denying his amazing talent and unique style and take in the world of music. A true pop icon that will continue to live for generations to come. Michael became the blue print
for so many artist we see today, and not one of them can say they were not inspired by him. Although part of his life was filled with controversy and accusations, there was still a part of Michael we could never put down, his talent, his amazing giving heart, his genius mind in producing and making videos, to his moonwalk and dance moves. He's been an icon for decades, from motown, to disco days, to tubular 80's pop that brought us thriller and was the first African American to be on MTV and now
a legend. One who's legacy will live on....The world will miss you Michael! Here are some tribute sets made by the poly community, who are all still in shock and sadden.

And now Farrah, who graced TV in the 70's with her big smile and beautiful golden hair. Her hair style was copied and everyone one young and old wanted to be her. I wasn't born yet, but i really cannot remember a moment in my life where i did not know of her, and the same with Michael Jackson. Farrah from the start charmed people and was know as the prettiest little girl in her town. In college she studied art and wanted to be an artist, maybe why she saw the world different then most and why she had such life that could not be contained or beaten. Farrah lost her life to cancer, but it was a battle she was so determined to win. She to is an icon, one that once hung on so many walls with her famous poster, where she is wearing the FAMOUS RED bathing suit, and her smile just shines. She will always be remembered as well, a true ANGEL.

Here are some poly sets made in her memory


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krista carlson said...

These are some amazing tributes. Two icons of my era and it just makes me think of when I was grade school age and how much I loved MJ and Farah was someone we wanted to look like. It is just so sad to lose such icons at such early ages...They will both be missed but they bring back huge child hood memories for me....

GypsyFox said...

RIP..I'm still in shock!I love those sets, so gorgeous & sweet & lovely :) xoxo