Monday, June 15, 2009

C@ndy Buffet

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Candy buffets were everywhere these past two years.
Everywhere from weddings, birthdays to even baby showers.
Which i don't mind, because if you know me,
you would know that i am the biggest Candy Whore there is.
The above and below photos are from my own Candy buffet...
My "SWEET TOOTH" Birthday party. PhotobucketPhotobucket
Here are a few things tips from planning a candy buffet.

Use clear, glass jars, vases, jugs
whatever as long as it's clear.
This shows all the colors of the candies and makes
the buffet look prettier.
Get them in different shapes and sizes ,
so it creates dimension.
they are cheaper then getting them from
a bridal store or interior design store.
I went with the giant cocktail glasses,
some fish bowls.
If you are having a color scheme,
get candies in those colors.
If your event is outside,
stay away from candies that will melt, duh,
like chocolate or yogurt covered candies.
Hard covered candies are the best,
because they come in many colors,
they are easy to scoop and less messy.

Expect to spend at least $150-200
dollars on candy or maybe more,
yes candy is pretty and may seem cheap,
but in the end it all adds up.
Each person will eat about 2lbs each.
You still want the buffet to
look full and to show there is enough candy,
so do go all out on the buffet,
i mean it is a buffet right?
Buy candy in bulk,
like in BJ's .Wal-mart always has
the best candy sells..
YUMMY. Start looking early for the kinds
of candy you want,
so you can make sure the store you are
going to will have them. Planning a
Candy Buffet should be fun, IT'S CANDY,
who doesn't love it?
Everyone becomes five all over again
when it's time to get some candy.

The kind of candies i had,
were the ones i grew up with or just my fave.
Anything from Wonka i love,
skittles, giant lollipops, Tooties Roll,
Gummy Bears where a big
I also had boxed candy, and wrapped ones,
that way you do not worry about people's
hands all over the candy.
For open candies,
like the skittles, gummies..etc..use a scooper.
Whatever you do,
just make it your own, and HAVE FUN!

Here are some awesome
candy buffet's pictures i found in the web.
Because these pics are everywhere
the real credit sources vanishes,
but if you see ur pics here and want credit,
do let me know.
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Anonymous said...

OMG so YUMMY!!!! :D
It's a great idea!!
Did you know that in those gummy bears they put cow pith :S I used to love them, but when i found out i stop eating them, so discusting!
I hate when industy does that! Put animal parts in food!

the Burtons said...

awesome post girl!!! seriously made my eyes sooooo happy and made my tummy, alll yummy inside.
thanks for that. oxoxo

krista carlson said...

That's a lot of sugar there..looks like a fantastic idea and color galore. It just makes you smile to look at it.

GypsyFox said...

WOW This is fantastic!!! I love the idea! YUMMY!!! I LOVE Michale's I use to work there last year during the holiday season, just so I can be part of their employee week (the employees get everythings half off including sales items for a whole week!) boy that was fun..tehehe I'm bad I know!

PaintHead said...

THANK YOU ALL....and about the cow parts, well i guess it's more on what people say, lol i still love them, hahah Thank you, xoxox hugs

TheStrawberryFields said...

Hi there,just dropping by to say what an amazing colourful and intriguing blog you have.
You have an incredibly imagination.
I'll follow your blog as soon as i find the "follow" button lol

TheStrawberryFields said...

incredible imagination not incredibly imagination lol