Sunday, December 7, 2008


Featured Artist: om00100

Okay so i am very excited about this post, not only is it my First Featured artist
but it is one of my best PolyPals. We have many ranch and mushroom moments(inside joke)What an amazing artist he is.
His sets are unique and very different, full of details and wonderful things.
His sets are colorful, awesome and some have humor in them
which makes me love them more. I love how he places his item, thinking 
through each placement, there's care in the sets he makes,and it shows.
I had a chance to ask him some questions about what inspires his sets
and i used orange because it's his favorite color..winkwink!

What inspires your sets?
What inspire my sets are the things that pop in my head!.very abnormal thoughts! LMAO..
I get inspired by songs!, Lady gaga's style is very unique and I love unique!
I also love colors!, and wen I say colors, I mean dark, bright colors!, like neon colors, candy
colors also inspire me because I love the looks of candy more the the taste!!

Why Do you think, you stand out in Poly?
I stand out in Poly because my sets are who i am,my favorite sets are the ones that "just happen"
,that don't need any effort, and those sets show that they came from within!..I love
all my sets because they all show who i am and what i'm about. I try to make my own style, i don't
know many people on Poly that have the style i have, it's very different and very unique.
I worked hard on making my sets stand out in Poly. I will confront that person that stole
my style..and you don't want me to confront you!!!LOLOL.

What are three things you like about making sets and Poly?
Three things that i like about making sets are..expression, sometimes i feel in the mood for candy, so i make a candy set. sometimes i feel like dancing so i make a Lady Gaga set that looks like your in a club, whats the name of this club? I can't remeber , but it's alright a a a alright just dance!LOLOL.
Three things i like about Polyvore, it's a great place for people to show off their talent and make new friends.
"Just Dance or Just go crazy"
"Christmas with Me"

"Is a seedless Pomergrante Really a Pomergrante?

"I've got style, I've got class, I can just kick your ass"
"I would like to have a Hum-Burga"
"Under My umbrella Ella Ella Ella"
"Don't hate me because I'm Beautiful"
"CoLoR BoMb"


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