Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Contest Winners

Oh Sweet Blythe!

Every week i hold a contest in my group in Poly. This weeks contest was the hardest for me to judge, so i had
a secret judge to help. The contest was on these cute big eyed, big head dollies called Blythe Dolls.
They are the cutest things, and i love them, they where everywhere these days. But the contest had to come to an end and here are my winners. First place winner gets to have their set featured as the groups icon, and 2nd and 3rd place winner
gets a set done by me.

2nd place: JO
3rd place: *****
4th place: torilink
5th place: Sweetika
6th place: Jazzyhater
7th place: brit brit
8th place: Tamaira G
9th place: MustHave
10th place: veluxx

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TamairaG said...

Oh cool girlie! Glad to see you have a blog now! :O)