Saturday, December 6, 2008

C@ndy Cr@zy!

Some Many wonder what is my obsession with CANDY/Cupcakes.
WEll, I love Candy mostly for the colors and Cupcakes more for how they
decorated and displayed. I love color and anything colorful grabs my attention.
I won't lie, i do get a sweet tooth here and there, but you won't find me
eating candy all day, although i know i probably could..LOL!
Here are some of my sets and some of my best polypal om00100, that
include candy or something yummy.

By:om00100 "Lollipop Dreamer"

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Sleepy_head(*-*)zzZZ said...

I love your blog as much as your Polyvore sets! so fun and colourful, just what I like about you! keep up good work and have a nice day!!! xoxoxo