Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dress My C@ke!!

Dress My C@ke!!

I love cakes. How they are decorated and designed. Cakes are inspiring to me. They are colorful, pretty and yummy too,
but i am not to big on eating CAKE , unless it is I find cakes to be a work of art. Think of all the delicate sugar flowers that are made, countless hours, mixing and decorating a single cake. Pretty. So i made a few sets, with cakes that match some dresses and wacky fun things all enjoy!! oxox


Olive the Brave said...

aw, so pretty! i love all the colors in your blog! i'm your friend on polyvore btw. =]

Angela Eden said...

Why can't I find these sets on your Polyvore page? =( I want to fave them! =)