Thursday, December 18, 2008

Featured Artist

Featured Artist: MusicFanatic

This weeks featured artist is the cutest and most creative.
she makes sets and little animals out of items. She made me this cute pink bunny who i later named twinkles...awwww cutest thing and so creative to actually make a monkey out of flowers or a flamingo out of dresses and shoes. Who does that WEll she does and she does it great,I enjoy looking at her sets a lot, enough to feature her here, awww. I also got  a chance to ask her a few questions about her artwork:

What inspires you, when making a set?
Everything and anything, stuff is constantly popping in my head, a chewed piece of gum would probably inspire me when making a set, lol. Feelings also help how i am on a day to day basis, is what might be in one of my sets.

How do you come up with these designs?
Ummm, like i said just pops into my head,don't know, Music,T.V, vacations
etc, about just about anything could effect me making a certain set.

What are three things you love about POLY?
The people! I haven't ran into anyone yet that is mean,copycat or hater. It's Somthing
different. I use to just mess around with my own pictures with a program, when i wanted something fun to do. I love that you can make just about anything and all types of people can see it all over the world. Also i love it almost as much as youtube,so that's saying something since i'm a music fanatic, so Polyvore is lucky to even be #2.

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