Thursday, September 25, 2014

Philadelphia Fashion Show from Italy

 On September 19th I had the privilege to attend The Philadelphia Fashion show from Italy hosted by
Uomo Moderno Magazine, founded by Francesco Di Maio. The fashion show was held at the Morris House's courtyard and it served as the perfect background for the collections that would later come down the runway.
I entered the courtyard to the sounds of Valentina Raffaelli and her band "Sunshine Superman"while people mingled eating complimentary antipasti of Chef Luke Palladino and drinking vodka by Punzone and Ocoo, the beauty drink. As press, I was able to see a few looks first hand and was able to bond with other photographers who had the same mission "GET THE PICTURE".

The fashion show showcased collections from italian designers Nico Didonna, Rumjungle, Lvchino, Luca Gregorio and Francesca Marotta.
This was a very elegant, chic event with a bit of a Philly edge to it. It was well organized and the man of the hour Francesco Di Maio was friendly and made me feel welcomed. I left thinking we were childhood friends because that is how lovely of a person he is. To top it off he was very stylish as he was clothed in the designs of Nico Didonna.

Francesco, founder of Uomo modern Magazine

Sunshine Superman

Guest Model: Eagles Brandon Boykin

Francesca's collection was by far my favorite. Not only because it was feminine in structure, color and movement, but because it was also cohesive and beautiful.

Malph by Luca Gregorio


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Anonymous said...

One correction. The black/white outfit on Brandon Boykin is Ray Vincente not Nico DiDonna