Thursday, September 11, 2014

Polyvore Style Lounge

PLUG-IN & primp

at the


I was invited to "plug in and primp" with Polyvore yesterday in New York's Soho House. My guest was my lovely sister, Elizabeth, who was in a New york state of mind as her instagram post stated. I Love her!  The style lounge was created for those fashionable ladies who run from show to show and might be in  need of a "full  recharge". The set up in the room was magical with three Sephora make-up stations. I felt like a moth going straight towards the pretty little lights on the mirrors. Gosh, anything shinny and glittery is so distracting to me. I go from my moth stage to a gold fish with a one mintue attention span. I am admitting to a problem, but not ready for an intervention just yet. 

The style lounge also had light bites, drinks, music, charging station, Sephora goodies around the room and poly's love gifts as I like to call them (pins, phone charger, and double compact mirror). I will say this now, the two items that will never leave my bag will be the poly charger and mirror. Now about that polyvore phone case? *hint hint*

Poly's Love gifts

The best part was seeing Nadia and Jess again (my lovely's). They always look very stylish with an edge, yet elegant and beautiful like a rose. They are both sweet, friendly and really do care about the polyvore community. I love them! 

Nadia, Me and Jess Lee

I was also able to meet Marisa( she was there attending fashion shows as one of the three polyvore community correspondent. She is a cutie who works at Kate Spade and gets to be around color and polka dots all day long oxox

Then it was my turn to get my make-up done by Shawn Lumaban, a senior make-up artist at Sephora ( He was awesome and so nice.

Final look 
Even the bathroom mirror had me at lipstick.
Me and my sister Elizabeth

It was indeed a great day to be in NewYork again with Polyvore oxoxox


Signing off...oxox Coke Stains and Cupcakesoxox..PaintHead™

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