Friday, April 6, 2018

FareWell Polyvore

 Yesterday the whole Polyvore community was shocked when Poly announced it was acquired by another company. I will not even mention the name here because I do not want anything to do with it. The site and app were immediately disabled and all the years of creating, making friends was gone. So many members around the world are hurting right now including myself.

Many are upset directly at Polyvore, but this should not be. Polyvore had/has no control over the decisions that were made after it was acquired. Knowing Polyvore I am pretty sure they fought to give us notice. I'm sure they fought to keep Polyvore as is. I'm sure they fought for us in ways we may never know. It would of been 10 years for me this August as a member. That is 10 years of creating sets, making friends and having fashion adventures that would not have happen to me if I was not a member. 
Polyvore was not only an online fashion site, but a family. It was always amazing seeing Polypals support each other creatively and amazing seeing the bonds that grew through out the years. We were loved, cared for and heard. The love was felt. Even if people joined due to reasons other then fashion, one thing was certain; Polyvore created a safe space for anyone to be themselves and to all be princess for a while as we played digital dress up.

I have always been proud of Polyvore from the start and always believed they would get as far as they did. What an honor to have been a part of their journey; an honor to have been asked for my opinions or suggestions; an honor to have been invited to meet Pasha Sadri, Jess Lee , Nadia and Chyrstal and an honor to have been asked to be a Community Member Correspondent during Fashion Week. I will forever be thankful. This is a big sting for the Polyfam and the online fashion world. I'm sure within time the ripple effects will really start to show.

THANK YOU POLYVORE. You will always be my number one. The bubbles to my coke.
Whatever my fashion adventures hold in the future I promise to always take you with me.
It's been great Poly.

Love PaintHead

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Lee-Anne said...

Hi Jessie! I was one of your fans on Polyvore (Lee-Anne from Australia or 'pinkie' I think I was). You were who I thought of first when I logged in to create a set. I couldn't believe it. Could *NOT* believe it. After searching the internet I have found a website called 'URSTYLE' and it's pretty much exactly like Polyvore - same formula to create sets etc. I'm not sure how new the site is, but I think once word travels it's gonna blow up. I've just created an account '(chupachups') if you end up joining too. There's a few Polyvorians already on there. So sad hey, how it was all gone. All our sets and all our creative friends. Anyway, I'm about to make a cup of coffee and make a new set! xoxox