Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hello World

Hello world out there

So, I've been MIA for a while in the blogging world and if you truly care about where I've been then you'll read on. *wink*
I've been pondering on life's "next" move and whatever that may be. I realized I do not want to take photos of my "daily outfits" and post them here. Although I instagram what I am wearing to capture color and pattern, I find it pointless to "instagram" my outfit and then have people stop by here only to see the same exact thing. Call me a fashion rebel I suppose.
Beside i've never been great at posting "daily outfits" because Lord knows I suck at keeping up with this blog when life calls. 
So summer came and "what did painthead do? I was enjoying my Papa Dios garden which I love because this time I grew some sunflowers. I've been practicing my french and italian and I am proud of how far i've come with it. I know someday I will go to France and Italy. 
When? Who knows when, but I know I will.

My birthday came and went…hooray! Another year older and another year realizing I am hoping for the same crap from last year. So…this is where I needed to start thinking about what I truly want in life, in terms of fashion and art, and start going for it. I read a quote that says "My biggest fear is being in the same place next year". Time will not wait and it's either now or never.

What else? My hair is Purple. So from this point on I will annoy you by continuing to write in purple. I really loved how my hair turned out and the best part was I did not use bleach AT ALL, not even to touch up the re-growth. I will make a post pretty soon about my hair and how you too can achieve bright colored hair without burning it to death bleach.

I'll leave you with my recent Polyvore fall sets.

Summer to Fall

Show Us Your SOREL Style: Contest Entry


Signing off...oxox Coke Stains and Cupcakesoxox..PaintHead™

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