Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Day of Lim: Phillip Lim

My awesome alarm rang this morning at 6:30am. I threw on a pair of bell bottoms, random top and walked out the door( yes, after brushing my teeth and all) I was on my way to Target, to be "the first in line" or at least hope to be. I arrived at 7:20am and to my surprise, but not really surprised, the parking lot was empty. I was the first person there beside staff. That was a great sign already and I knew I would get what I wanted from Phillip Lims collection.
At 7:50am I headed to the door and meet up with a girl who was there for the collection as well. She also wanted the same bag as me- "the yellow bag". At 7:58am the doors were being unlocked. We both came up with a plan: who ever gets to the bags first gets two. That way this ensures we both get the bag we had in mind. Before we knew it 20 people were behind us. Where did they come from? Either way the doors opened, my new line buddy and I went straight to the handbags, she grabed two of the yellow ones and handed one to me...Ahhhhhh. That was instant bonding in the name of fashion.

There was a claim maddness, people did not rush or push. There was enough to go around expect for the yellow bags. From the whole collection present there were only five yellow(mustard) bags.
The pieces I saw were out so quicky where the handbags, the floral tops, and leopard skirt. By the time I left all the bags were gone and one leopard skirt stood hanging, ever so lovely. I only purchased two items: the "Boom" sweater in grey and a yellow cross body handbag(picture below). I could of gone crazy, but I did not. I'll save my craziness for when Betsey Johnson, Ann Sui or Marc Jacobs ever come out with a Target collection, hmmmm, that would be beyond maddness,oxox

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My purchase

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