Wednesday, July 24, 2013


About two years ago my mom gave me an Aveeno night creme sample. The sample last me about three weeks and I was sad to see it all gone. The night creme sample was not heavy on my face, it smelled good ,my face felt clean and fresh, I was ready for my beauty sleep. So I became a fan of Aveeno right away. I then decided to try a daily moisturizer so I purchased the Positively radiant daily moisturizer with SPF. I have very sensitive skin so "trying" several products until I found the right one was my goal. I started using the moisturizer daily; it left my face non-greasy, refreshing and most importantly it did not irriate my skin. Already things were starting off great.

 Before using Aveeno my skin was not even toned, but it was something I never really paid that much attention to, until I noticed the changes using Aveeno had made. My skin was becoming even tone and my complexion was clearer and soft. This was about at least three weeks into using the moisturizer.
I was so excited about this product I decided right there to only use Aveeno on my face. I then purchased Positively radiant skin brightening daily scrub. Another product that adds the cherry on top of all the wonder this product does. After I wash my face with the scrub everything is so soft and leaves my face smelling so good. My next Aveeno adventure will be their body wash, shampoo's and conditioner's.

Please note this is not a sponsored post. I truly love this product and it really works. Aveeno really does what it states it does. If you know me, you know I am loyal to a product/brand once I consider it to be AMAZING. Just look at me with Coca Cola and Polyvore :) Do you use Aveeno? If yes which product?

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