Tuesday, May 14, 2013

When I'm feeling Blue....


An update, incase you are dying to know what I've been up to *wink*. Well on Friday I went to see the movie my heart has been longing for; The Great Gatsby in 3D, but not even an hour into the movie I start to FALL ASLEEP....OH MY WORD!!!!!! Not because the movie was boring, but because I work full time and when ever I am still for a long period of time, I go into this place called "Dream Land" ugh! I need to see this movie again, and EARLY so I won't fall asleep. And to think I wanted to catch the midnight show.

On a good fashionable note: I finally got a Lip Tar from OCC(Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics)
It was an exciting moment applying this blue beauty. All it took was a tiny pea size drop and it covered my entire lips. Blue lipstick is not for everyone, but if you like it, try it. Nothing wrong with exploring new colors and shades when it comes to lipsticks. After all isn't this what fashion is all about?
Would you wear blue lipstick?

More Blue Lips Below

Signing off..Coke Stains and Cupcakes..oxox Painthead™

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